Micro-blog marketing we can make money

micro-blog with its short, convenient, interactive and other features, making micro-blog marketing quickly become a new model of network promotion methods. Micro-blog has become a necessary means of enterprise network marketing, so micro-blog can really make money? The value of micro-blog marketing where the topic has become the focus of discussion in various industries.

statistics. Micro-blog in 2010 less than a year’s time swept the country quickly became a new model of the Internet, the Internet ushered in the era of micro-blog. At present, the rapid growth in the number of micro-blog registration, only Sina micro-blog registered users reached more than one hundred million. Micro-blog is now a lot of Internet users, mobile phone users the first stop, the more people playing micro-blog, the greater the commercial value.

micro-blog marketing war have been speeding, from Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, to various portals have launched their own micro-blog business, micro-blog for the station has burgeoned. In after the star of the show, including Liu Xiang, Chen Yao, Sheenah, quickly build their own personal brand; the Internet business figures, micro-blog Cai Wensheng prize forwarding, Li Kaifu changed everything with micro-blog, micro-blog is also directly reflected the most incisive marketing, not only to create a personal brand, for the enterprise to do propaganda. Besides the early opening of the grassroots users, for example, cold jokes, classic sayings, public welfare activities, but also with its fans to do the forwarding activities to successfully carry out the micro-blog marketing.

whether it is before the star to create a personal brand, or the back of the grassroots forward by the fans to bring revenue, are in the use of micro-blog marketing. Can be seen that they are making money, so for those of us, such as personal webmaster, or start relatively late, and we can turn to micro-blog money?.

1, micro-blog marketing can be dominated by the main body. As long as you have enough fans group, targeted audience, the contents of the release will cause everyone’s attention, let everyone know you.

2, micro-blog diversified forms of communication. Micro-blog for its brevity. Easy to spread in the form of text, video, pictures, home page background customization, etc., can show their companies need to promote the product, so that consumers are more likely to accept, remember to bring results.

3, micro-blog’s biggest feature is its propagation speed. Through the Internet and mobile phone client, can be seen in a lot of time, so as to achieve viral spread, let more people pay attention to.

4, by pushing each other in the form of more contacts. In order to achieve more broadcast, get more potential customers to focus on their own, so as to achieve better results, achieve win-win situation.

micro-blog marketing, the need for skills, the need for contacts, but also need to adhere to, this road can go far, micro-blog marketing can make money, Hao Mingxia and we work together.

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