Such a good summer tourism season battle effect

is now the tourism website competition is fierce, light known tourist sites have more than 8 thousand, how talent shows itself from the competition, is the major problem puzzling webmaster travel day and night.

tourism e-commerce website resorted to their own card trick, DM war, war, war and hard hair street advertising, wide war, war a road from the site burned to the residential area, and even burned to the personal mobile phone.

but have you ever stopped to think about the site’s traffic segment?

do tourism are aware of the group tour peak, concentrated in 51, eleven, the new year, as well as the summer vacation, which is the largest number of tourists during the summer vacation, the longest duration of the famous.

summer travel earned about 1/3—1/2 of the total profit of travel agents, here to talk about how to seize the summer tourist season.

The following is the Sina

data: of "College Students’ tourism survey showed that 72.72% of college students have tourism, of which 67.35% students a year will average travel time, 5.75% students a year on average travel times even reached more than 4 times (including 4); nearly 45% of the students every time the travel cost more than 1000 yuan; 12.91% of the respondents said they spend on tourism has more than 10 thousand yuan. In addition, the survey also shows that 66.16% of college students intend to use summer vacation travel.

huge college tourism market + a larger market for primary and secondary school students in the college entrance examination tourism market (most of the time students + parents travel)

how can I eat this most attractive cake?

we start with the traditional 4P marketing theory!

1 product

students have their unique tourism demands, travel agencies should develop their hearts and expectations of the tourism products, meet their friends, relax and enjoy the nature, desire.

search mission network launched last year, two tourism products, has been greatly sought after by student tourists, these two products are graduated from the middle school students and summer camp. The young tour guide humorous, the proportion of men and women to coordinate the group, the hotel is warm and romantic, the price is quite reasonable.

2 price

pricing, the need to take into account the affordability of students, according to the family situation of students were introduced to fit the package.

3 channel

because students have a small group of polymerization, it should take a unique marketing channels, such as the establishment of part-time liaison in various schools. The school crush one by one.

4 promotion

targeted part of the introduction of limited products, through promotions, triggering enrollment climax.



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