The causes of Lining’s decline genes, fate, or the times

I dark horse: August 14th, Lining announced the interim report in 2014. Not surprisingly, this is a bad loss report. In the rating agencies, in addition to Goldman is a "buy", other institutions are almost a "sell" rating, the seller in the habit of promising market research, usually only on the verge of bankruptcy, the fundamentals of the company will have an extremely bad treatment. In 2010, Li Ninggang released "make the change" slogan. And now, when some people laughing ad has been forgotten. In 4 years, it seems really make change, the only way down performance, and the stock price is too horrible to look at.

change or not? This is a problem

on the reasons for the failure of Lining, we differ. From the beginning of the 03 years, the sports and leisure apparel industry expansion, in 2010 to reach the peak production capacity, after the natural universal inventory accumulation. The strategy, in 2010 Lining made a great strategic transformation, propaganda Lining 90, and enter the international, but for 90 Lining, 90 may not buy it, but lost many young users. In the internationalization of the road, it seems inadequate. In addition, Nike in 2011 prices, the market positioning in a second tier cities of Lining also caused a great impact.

90 Lining advertising

in any case, the success of the enterprise is always the same, and unsuccessful enterprises, each have their own success. When it comes to the reasons for Lining’s failure, you can list many. But at the end of the day, every enterprise development to a certain extent, will inevitably encounter bottleneck. At the height of the 2010, Lining did not find the problem, but also tried to seek a breakthrough, change brand identity, sponsorship of international events. And in the process of breaking through, you have to steer clear of the old patterns and logic of success to find a new way. But after this thrilling leap, but it is very successful.

Why is

rarely successful?

first, your success in the past may have been due to the adaptation of your genes to the old environment. As you are a particularly good at judging the trend of investment master, suddenly to a king of the stock market, you will be difficult to adapt.

Secondly, the international market is not the same as the Chinese environment in

. It is as if you are the biggest fish in a lake, but in the sea, not only fresh water turns into salt water, but also you will face the competition of sharks. Not good, not only can not grow bigger fish, but will be eaten.

in the end, companies are made up of individuals who are as accustomed to doing what they are good at. To reform, every cell in the enterprise needs to change their ideas, and this is not easy.

Lining in transition, but also face such confusion. Lining I.


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