How to avoid Tangshan earthquake in the process of network promotion SEO

a few days ago, I went to the cinema and his wife saw the "Tangshan earthquake", moved, more is to think about how to disaster prevention, disaster, rather than disaster relief. We talk about the country, I think, in the usual process of network promotion, some catastrophic problems encountered, such as the right to be reduced, K, enter the Baidu 11 sandbox, etc.. When we met, do only relief, but how do we prevent disasters, how to avoid the site to meet these problems, according to certain norms, is certainly feasible.

below to talk about the site’s page optimization and simple website promotion, I believe you will learn something after reading.

The promotion of

website, like in the shop assistant, the same sales, just a sales entity items, our sales really touched ABC code. For the website early is not established in its own brand, to do a good job, bigger and stronger, except when the construction of the chain of crazy fuss and promote the construction of 10000 can not ignore the content of the website itself.

First of all I do now with

network promotion example, my focus is to push "now reading this piece, I set up the so-called" blog "Tianya, Sina, Sohu, NetEase such as big door I kill, even NetEase has epoch-making blog about a PR value! The month is a strong push, extensive chain construction, let the search engine to study now had a good impression, snapshot, the weight is very high. At one time, Baidu search now network, and now read second rows. That is to be proud, because now the network as an information gateway reading class, has been taken in front of the news channel, Baidu confirmed our work. But good times don’t last long, a week later, I found that reading is a snapshot of the problem, always hovering in the daily snapshot and June 29th, it shows that Baidu began to doubt our site problem.

when back to the Baidu search "now" there will be no shadow of reading now. This shows that the weight of the site also lost. After analyzing the reasons, find out a few points:

1: blog group update frequency and time down, leading to the site’s network coverage is not enough. Solution: stick to daily updates and try to interconnect

on your blog

2: reading page itself SEO and code, Keywords and description did not note that keyword is very broad, but also not focus on the description page, search engine recognition can not play. Solution: to strengthen the "original novel" the key word, do network novel, network, reading and other long tail keywords.

3: read the update of the home page, update the amount to go up solution: spend more energy every day to update the contents of the reading home page. In fact, after the correction of these 3 points, stick to it, in one or two weeks, you can come back. Another is the content page and directory page optimization, we have been


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