On the shoulders of giants to see an occasion to promote

recently had two sites raise a Babel of criticism of being fired, they mention fired red after a somewhat ironic humor. But no matter how, reviled or be laughed at it, this is no ground for blame two site fire. As for the fire can not attract customers, a long fire down, it depends on the site’s own value.

www.025yc.com is the first site, he jump red of the Internet is the site of the PR value as high as 10. A little common sense people are aware of the Internet, the PR value reached 10 is what an amazing presence. Unfortunately this website through PR to achieve the PR value is equal to 10 hijacked cheating things soon to be revealed, you said you cheated somehow a bit serious, do the PR value 5 or 6, or even 7 also point to the PR value to fling caution to the winds shaking heaven and earth is equal to 10. Well, is Tianya IT observed "small carved worm" called "the PR value is equal to 10, the RP

is equal to a few?"

second site is www.sto5.com, if the ways and means of the first site of fame and slightly childish words mean, this website is relatively easy for some clever way. This is the opening can be regarded as a common and not in the ordinary page, maybe just give a little Dreamweaver to do can do better than this. But even a proficient Web design, proficient in the backstage management, proficient in program development of all-round talents is also very difficult to climb what relationship with Baidu, but www.sto5.com did, even if their relationship seems not very well. When you open the www.sto5.com, the first thing is the words: "Baidu you big bad guy, I did not use Baidu Search website, said" what use Baidu Search, You’ll see. "baidu.com is really rubbish." The naughty webmaster a crab would make his famous station. Associated with the "Baidu you a bad guy", has become the latest fashionable words.

to be despised by the naughty naughty. However, through these two sites are not particularly competitive and quickly became popular, we have to secretly jealous. In addition to jealousy, we can easily find the similarities between the two sites. It is leveraging the power of stepping on the shoulders of giants taking advantage of promotion. The first site is through the recently big update the PR value as the foundation, by the Google potential. The second sites are supported by Baidu and two anti Baidu fans on the opposite, borrowed Baidu’s potential. Google and Baidu are in a handful of Internet heavyweights, as the saying goes: "backed by a good shade tree, by the two chiefs, their momentum can not think of the name I am afraid it is difficult to.

does this show that we follow as long as the ordinary webmaster good idea became popular in these two sites can succeed? In fact, these two sites have the potential to borrow speculation too, if one is not careful has become a target for all. So, I >


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