WeChat public number fans how mass grouping and role


public packet, this for us is quite strange, because few of us will go to our fans group, some people may want to go to the group, but because our fans are more, so we will choose to give up packet. We all know that our QQ has the function of grouping friends. What are the benefits of this grouping for us? We and QQ grouping of friends to almost, we are all in order to be able to put our friends are classified, the convenience of our management on the future when you want to find out who you know is a packet in which inside can directly and quickly find the. There is our privacy, we can choose to open a certain part of our space, our WeChat is the same, we can be divided into several groups to promote the orientation of some people.

said so much, so what do we do WeChat fans grouping and how fast we group?.

first: the benefits of WeChat fans grouping

Group of WeChat fans

, why do we spend so much time on it? In fact, this is a group of fans of this part of our operation account, before we did not go about this aspect of the data packet analysis.

is actually necessary for our WeChat group, we can observe the dynamics of our fans, which fans are our loyal fans, which are not our loyal fans. Especially our business operations, we need more of our fans group, because of the possibility of some of our customers, so we need to solve these people by our group, convenient directional promotion. For example, some customers have to purchase our products, then we can separate sub groups, we can also transform the formation of two purchase, this is entirely possible. In fact, as long as our products are good enough, then we basically do the old customers and our old customers to introduce new customers. Because these are reputable, feel good to help us out. We found that a lot of people are doing a transformation, that is to say he is about to buy do not buy, do not worry about our products and our customers, so we all look for the new customers to a consumer, then this for us is tired. Is not the long-term development.

there is a more important for all of us, that is, each time after the promotion of fans for fans, we can easily check the authenticity of the fans and the quality of our fans. Many of our friends are on our previous large in the promotion, for us, we most care in addition to the amount of fans in the promotion, we also care about is our fans and the authenticity of the quality of our fans, whether it is the directional promotion, is not what we want is a loyal fan.

so when we put each of the fans in the promotion of the group, the


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