You haven’t heard any of these nternet Co, but they’re all first-class

Beijing on August 29th news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon, Google, eBay and Facebook and other well-known technology companies we are familiar with, but some non famous Internet Co are also changing the world, they are the industry a master. These companies are not famous for many reasons, such as the operation of the country is limited, the business belongs to basic services. In addition, some companies do not sell products to end users, they only do business with other technology companies, so fame is not important to them. Below we have a common inventory of those little-known "Internet game player:

you haven’t heard of these Internet Co, but they are all first-class

Akamai see the name, most people probably do not know why is this company, but its backing is not small. Akamai is the world’s largest CDN (content distribution network) service provider, which has a huge network distribution capacity at peak can reach 21Tbps. Akamai aims to eliminate the Internet bottleneck and improve the experience of Internet users access protection, end users visit the web site and the internal application speed, and provides a comprehensive cloud security services, to accelerate the global HD streaming media. Currently, the company in the global deployment of more than 150 thousand servers, these servers are deployed in more than and 90 countries around the world, the more than and 800 cities, the more than 1 thousand operators on the more than 2 thousand and 500 nodes.

you haven’t heard of these Internet Co, but they are all first-class

Tier 1 network to see the name, I am afraid we are at a loss, but the company is the backbone of the internet. Its suppliers include a strong AT& T, BT, Equant, InfoNet and MCI, each of which has an independent network of highways. The main advantage of Tier 1 network is that it has the fastest network connection, and no need to lease the network, and its reliability in the industry is second to none.

you haven’t heard of these Internet Co, but they are all first-class

Digital RiverDigital RiverDigital River is not a love to show how great companies use a variety of statistics, but the e-commerce service providers really should not be underestimated. In 2014, it handled the online payment business volume reached US $30 billion. If you want to find a company responsible for software download, APP purchase, pay for things or application of the company’s purchase, Digital River must be the best choice. The company customers all over the world, including Samsung, Logitech, Microsoft and HTC and other well-known public


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