What will be the result of stupid hot marketing

recently, a Tianjin container terminal explosion, caused the attention of the people, the rescue work and casualties closely affects the hearts of the people, before the disaster from that moment until the end of the rescue work, the event will become the focus of attention, whether in WeChat, or micro-blog other social media platform, you can see the event was scraper, is undoubtedly a major social hot.

this catastrophic event from which angle is more full of sadness, for the families of the victims, lost firefighters and other victims of the incident is a heavy blow and hurt, but some marketing behavior is very indifferent, for what was in the hot. Still borrow hot to do marketing.

as when forwarding the hot video not forget to add their own brands, a company name does not forget the seemingly blessing of the picture, in the media reports the comments do not forget to make a product advertising and so on, these are not to be encouraged and praised the behavior of odd million small not on the map. They did so in order to win a place in the public eye, while attention to influence their own marketing, in fact, have to say, the marketing of such behavior is very stupid, so these stupid marketing will bring what kind of results? > first, accidentally destroyed the brand. Behind every event, there are many people on the hot issues, to guess the cause of the incident, the real situation and the event processing result and so on, all kinds of remarks hot, will inevitably cause marketers stepped in, braving the furore over there may be risks through the active interactive marketing brand for example: the explosion, a large area of skin burn can use a certain brand of dispel scar ointment effective immediately, and so on marketing advertising, affects more than ninety percent has been negative, accidentally, the brand was destroyed, even from the users will be pulled into the blacklist.

second, provoked outrage, delete report. For this relates to the hot events harm, the masses of compassion will arise spontaneously, or most people’s emotions are low, do marketing under such circumstances, this too commercial to let most people dislike, think about what would be the consequences? You will naturally become the object of mass marketing attack, if before a public number or other platforms in the easy accumulation of fans, because such marketing is the masses, the content will be removed, then the effort would be in vain, such a thankless task behavior, advised the majority of marketers or not to try.

third, loss of trust between users. In the hot events caused by the user point sensitive to news, for marketing’s enterprises, on the surface appears to be able to make some contribution to the event, but for their own product promotion and exaggeration, especially for some large enterprises, how many products can help the victims, but actually not, though modest is a help, but not exaggerated, "


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