Live long see! A sale of the company to be listed on the Mingbi, also said to be nternet plus

the world is changing, we must keep up with the times.

first appeared to Mingbi shares, making the company notes also listed. The news made everyone below the glasses. In December 24th, Yi Xiang Guangdong folk culture Limited by Share Ltd (Yi Xiang Culture) the share transfer system of disclosure of share transfer instructions, to formally apply for landing three new board.


Yi Xiang culture was established in 2009, was formerly a paper company, until renamed in June 2015. At present, the main products for a series of worship and worship Mingbi, series four series more than 200 kinds of products, mainly exported to Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong and other overseas markets.

is even more amazing to talk about is that the company said later "is committed to the development of Internet plus", said in the prospectus, the company is based in the development and construction of the Internet application of traditional folk "and" the use of the Internet to promote folk culture etiquette, inject the modern element into the traditional folk custom etiquette".

this is the original Shantou enterprises. According surging news reports, the company is located in Guangdong, Shantou lotus town, formerly known as Shantou Yixiang Plastic Co. Ltd. It is said that since the Qing Dynasty, under the town of Lian Nan Jin (is a kind of paper used in ritual activities the main origin). The actual helm of the company is a couple, although only two of all high school education, but in this knowledge has more than ten years of research experience.

the company’s products are mainly exported to Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong. Although exports, but the main users or chinese. Since the Ming Dynasty, Guangdong, Fujian and other places of "Nanyang" gradually prevailed, moved to Southeast Asia overseas Chinese hometown, carries on enemy thoughts, ancestral worship customs also spread to Southeast asia.



model is Internet plus "to send Mingbi red envelope"


data show that the culture Yixiang an export-oriented company, mainly engaged in research and development, the traditional folk culture activities of production and sales, is China, Chinese Folklore Society of Folk Culture Industry Research Center Research base. Reviewed the company’s homepage, introduces a variety of products, including Mingbi series, colorful series of gold, the gold series, making money, money series, series Xi reborn money series, really drunk, up to see.

it is worth noting that Yi Xiang culture in the prospectus referred to "products welcomed by consumers, see also true from the book. Only in January 2015 – September, the company’s operating income approaching 40 million yuan, net profit of $4 million 980 thousand. While in 2013, in 2014 operating income reached 32 million 270 thousand yuan, respectively, $37 million 570 thousand, net profit of $1 million 730 thousand, $2 million 80 thousand.


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