Some views on the marketing of WeChat platform


APP has been the social most of us accept, according to statistics, by the end of November 2013 China’s WeChat users has reached 600 million, the data show that China mobile terminal half of the people are equipped with this application, and provides a good marketing platform for the huge amount of users for many businesses many businesses and individuals, with the help of this platform to show to sell their products. So in the end how to make better use of this platform, the following topics on my own point of view.

one, for the content of the product we want to release the layout and how to write it

first, we must first look at our users love what information can be based on their own love of information, we use packet public platform in the push function the user group information packet onto the information in their love.

second, some analysis data of all user information in our group, then we can use these information to classify Chinese segmentation and text classification technology, and extract the keywords and some hot information, provide a basis for our weekly content.

third, we can understand the user’s interests by interacting with the user’s classified information.

fourth, we can also analyze the user’s micro-blog information, to further tap the user’s data, such as: users often go shopping district, loyalty to a brand, the user’s level of consumption, etc..

two, how to plan activities on WeChat’s public promotion platform

1, the activities of the writing should pay attention to: first, the title of the campaign should not exceed 14 words. Second, activities should not exceed 50 words. Third, the activities of the contents of the writing to control the 300-500 word.

, on the 2 aspects of the setting activities should pay attention to: first, to participate in the activities of the user requirements to low threshold requirements, link to narrative enthusiasm too complicated or concise and to the point, too wordy are easy to lose in the. Second, the set of activities should not be too much too deep, so as not to lack of patience to continue to participate in the user. Third, the activities of the link must be interesting to stimulate the user to continue to play.

3, the use of the activities of the gift of the strategy: first, the gift to use a new idea, there is a gimmick or their own products. Second, do not send some ipadmini, Hainan Sanya flying micro-blog send bad things.

4, the content of the activities should also have a good time, usually in the morning 8:00, 12:00, 9:00, 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

in short, as long as the rational and effective use of WeChat public platform, he will give us a lot of benefits.


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