Inspiring stories of centenarians in the times of pandemic

first_imgIn the initial days of Covid-19 pandemic, there were genuine apprehensions about the susceptibility and vulnerability of older people to the Coronavirus considering their age-related Illnesses even as mortality rate among them was founding to be increasing than compared to children and young population.Those apprehensions were proved true later as countries across the globe including had reported and still reporting more deaths among the older population from Covid-19 .However, there are some astonishing survival stories of older people emerging victorious in their battle against Coronovirus with their exemplary mental fortitude have continued to grab our attention at regular intervals in our country.Not long ago, a couple aged 93, and 88 recovered from Kottayam Medical College in Kerala and returned to their homes with greater jubilation.People like Asma Beevi of Kollam, aged 105 and Purakkatt Veettil Pareed of Kochi, aged 103 goes on to prove that the attributes such as energy, exuberance and enthusiasm which are normally associated with young population are not absolute.Aged people require more grit than young when they confront Illnesses such as Covid-19.The survival stories of our centenarians remind us that human resilience is such a powerful weapon to overcome the adversities of every kind.last_img


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