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excellent design comes from life, then we start from life, our life according to the user the use scenario to design a product, we do not need to re train the user’s habits, users can use your first product to achieve their own goals, and do not need the guidance of others. For example, the Apple Corp in the process design of the first generation of iMac, Jonathan and his team had to travel to Japan, a Japanese candy industry people ask, how in the production of candy colored shell computer at the same time, to maintain its consistent semi transparency.


in the following we will talk about the importance of feedback interaction design for web design, before we need to understand the relevant concepts:

what is feedback?

from Wikipedia explained: feedback, also known as feedback, is one of the basic concepts of modern science and technology. Generally speaking, the concept of feedback control theory, the system output back to the input and change the input in some way, and then influence the system function, the output back to the input end and the input process were compared by appropriate detection device.

what is interaction design

interactive design, also known as interactive design, (English Interaction Design, abbreviated IxD or IaD), is defined, the design of the behavior of artificial systems design. Artificial objects, such as software, mobile devices, artificial environments, services, wearable devices, and systems. Interaction design is defined in terms of the behavior of a human being (the " interaction" i.e., the manner in which the artifact is reacted in a particular scene). Interaction designers first conduct field research and user, potential users, design artificial behavior, and from the usefulness, usability and affective factors (usefulness, usability and emotional) so as to evaluate the design quality.

combined with the concept of our comprehensive, feedback and interaction means the interaction between through appropriate feedback and procedures to allow users to always know what is happening now, and not just show a warning when things go wrong. There are 2 types of feedback: a positive feedback and a negative feedback. For users of the website is a type of feedback information, from the user to enter the account number of the error of the entry to the exit of the success of the prompt, are in the category of feedback interactive design.

feedback interactive design is so important

let us imagine a few scenarios in life, if you need to take the subway transfer, at the moment if there is no indication of the transfer of the subway logo, people will not touch the southeast, very easy


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