Bloomberg’s baffling response

first_imgThe decision of Bloomberg India, a leading publishing house to withdraw a book titled “Delhi riots: The Untold Story”, has baffled many for the explanation it doled out in justifying its decision that it was done from a “deep sense of responsibility towards society”.India’s tryst with censorship in publishing under successive governments since its independence has been both long and contentious.From Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses to Jaswant Singh’s Jinnah: India, independence and partition (2009), the so-called publishing behemoths cut a sorry figure by withdrawing books which had not either find favour with the ruling class or a section of the society which wields enormous social, political and economic clout.That publishing houses in many instances had not been known to standing up to power and self- styled custodians of culture and religion does not augur well for our democratic society.Angry fulminations, protests and vandalism of mobs in many cases decide whether a book, movie or any artwork with a content questioning the acts of commission and omission of powers that be or questioning/ challenging the obscurantist beliefs will hit the market or not is nothing but a grim pointer to the staggering rise in the level of intolerance towards dissent in our society over the decades.last_img


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