Why Your Perception Dictates Your Results

first_img“People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them.” (Epictetus)Perception is everything when it comes to how we interact with the world. It is the very lens through which we experience life and is to be taken with the utmost seriousness if one wants to get to a high level in life.Why is perception so powerful?Perception is powerful because it literally dictates what reality you see and live in.Each of us live in a different reality, quite literally because of the different forms of perception that we engage the world with. This is a critical point to understand because that means that we literally all live in different worlds as a result of different beliefs, thoughts, mindsets, so on and so forth.Here is why perception is ultimately so important: Perception dictates the results that we get within our lives.We’ll explore the different mindsets below.Healthy PerceptionA healthy perception is one that understands that all perception is subjective and based upon a countless number of factors and circumstances.“Each person has their own reality.”An individual with a healthy perception understands that we all live in our own little worlds, literally.For this reason, this person can take on all perspectives and ways of thinking instead of demonizing other perspectives or moralizing in any way.“What I focus on will dictate what I see more of.”The major difference between a healthy perception and an unhealthy perception is that the healthy perception understands that it can choose to focus on high-quality things and gain more high-quality things in return.They understand that focus brings more of what is focused on and that this can be leverage for a high-quality life.“My perception is subject to error.”A healthy perception understands that there are faulty mechanisms when it comes to understanding the world for what it really is. It understands that reality cannot be understood as totally objectively because it is stuck within a subjective point of view.It understands logical fallacies and subjective biases.Unhealthy PerceptionAn unhealthy perception is one that convinces itself that all perception is objective to its own standards, beliefs, and attitudes.“I understand the truth.”An individual with an unhealthy perception thinks that he or she understands the truth with a capital ‘T.’They have rooted their perception from the point of view of the ego and this has caused them to become dogmatic within all areas of their lives — nutrition, religion, so on and so forth.“Focus is not that big of a deal.”Unhealthy perception does not understand the power of focus for the very fact that it is rooted in its own self-ignorance. It is not aware that it is not aware of the fact that focus is one of our most powerful resources.“My perception is flawless.”The unhealthy perception thinks that he or she has everything figured out and that their subjective reality is not subject to any type of flaw or error whatsoever.It does not understand logical fallacies and subjective biases.Below, we’ll discuss some ways in which we can develop a healthy perception.How To Develop Healthy PerceptionHealthy perception is best developed in a number of ways, ideally used in combination:Focus on what you wantWhen it comes to every area of your life, focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. Focus on how healthy and vibrant you want to become in terms of your health and not on how delicious those donuts or cookies taste. Focus on the possibility of your financial independence instead of the worries of how you will make your financial life work. Focus on what you want and let more of that into your life.Study and understand perceptionStudy areas and topics such as logical fallacies and subjective biases to understand how your subjective perception can be tricked. This will help you move towards a much healthier and humble type of perception.Take 100% responsibility for what you let into your perceptionAlways take responsibility for everything in your life, no matter what. This will instil and empowering mindset within your psyche and character because it will teach you that you are the one in control.ConclusionPerception will direct the type of life that we all have. So, what type of perception would we like to cultivate and why? This is the question to constantly come back to and centre ourselves within.last_img


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