Close encounters of the herd kind

first_imgPeople who have done a ‘bit-tour’ around Kanpur, will tell you that there is definitely a lot of ‘लव’ and ‘कुश’ in there. Only, it does get vitiated from time to time by the Gangs of the Gang(e)s. And, one thing for sure, these gangs not only make you shiver, but they also make UP!!!Over the last few days, a highly ‘wanted’, and in many ways, a highly ‘unwanted’ gangster was on the run. Reportedly, he was swinging around from branch to branch, shouting “करेगाaaa, (और भी) करेगाaaa”, but he finally revealed himself and his whereabouts screaming “Me Tarzan, Ujjain!” He did ‘court’ arrest, but the cops decided to give the court ‘a rest’ – as newspapers say that there was not even a remand for a person so much in demand! After all, ‘कान-poor’ people are never ones to have a “proper hearing”!Understandably, with so much Corona around, the cops said no “cuffs” please! “He is anyway tied to us in so many ways”. And for such a decision, the forces may soon have to face “Condemnation” (not sure whether the equivalent term for this in Hindi is “कड़ी निंदा” or “हथकड़ी निंदा!!”)Now, have you guys ‘herd’ of cattle? Of course, every one has … but at 630 am …Probably a bit of hangover from all that grass or some such bull! Eyewitnesses say that, at this time, the famed gangster felt so cowed down that he pleaded “गायs, give me a break”. Reportedly, the STF then said “Time पुलिस”.It is rumoured that, to the powers that be, what the thug knew was clearly not ‘palatable’ but his vehicle definitely was – ‘पलटable’, I mean! After that, it is still not clear as to whether he tries to shoot himself or whether he just ‘cops’ it. (Had his vehicle been pushed into the Ganges, all its occupants would have been given the same surname – सभी डूबे!!)One can only say, that to achieve such high levels of ‘progress’ in this field, one needs to be well connected and has to take everyone along. In those parts, they call it “सबका साथ सबका Vikas”!!last_img


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