Angel investment where to say Reliable angel investors are good at wind rather than what

Abstract: an area of VC/PE and media focus on the formation of the so-called tuyere, angel investment period itself is no air. Simply put, angel investment, there is no wind, where the air?

"outlet" is a previously unknown word is rarely mentioned in the search engine, "air" is not to search what valuable content. However, it is pioneering "outlet" peerless opportunity, "Mr. Lei is a blessing, pig on the outlet" "outlet" instantly turned into a lot of people talk of the scriptures.

I also fell into the "air", sometimes to participate in some activities, or with the media and friends together, a frequently asked question is: do you judge this year investment outlet where? On this issue, at the beginning, I was refused, I can get to they want to know what we mean, is now on to see which direction. Slowly, I found that this argument became more and more, to see too many angel investment talk about tuyere, I am a little collapse.

started last summer, we determine the pan entertainment + and consumer upgrades will have the opportunity to. So we voted Fiil headphones, HIGO, spend some time, such as the high energy vendors such as pan entertainment and consumer upgrades class entrepreneurial projects. This year, a lot of people are beginning to talk about intensive investment in the field of entertainment and consumer upgrades, so these projects are not as early as one step, no later, just arrived at the tuyere.

is a field of VC/PE and the media focus in order to form a so-called "air", angel investment period itself is not an angel, to do is to a year in many industries, the selected category is more suitable than VC in advance for half a year, a good investment targets to build wind. Simply put, angel investment, there is no wind, where the air.

what the angel investment is the failure of

different investment institutions in different stages of the project method is different, once a certain direction has been focused on the VC, to some extent, it is no longer the angel investment opportunities. Angel investment itself has no outlet at all, only some of the needs of the collection and to determine trends, looking for outstanding entrepreneurs and support, combined with social development phase, even with the policy opportunities and so on to good investment targets. In this process, away from the tuyere is very far.

good angel investment should be good at making wind". The key point is that the wind, the angel investment stage before the market to judge, half a year in advance to a year to determine the direction of attention of the capital market, too soon to invest in this industry, the early right is wrong. Some early investment ahead of the project, the project has not formed until the air drained of strength, but also a "indulgence".

angel investment in the past few years, the development of different industries


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