Dissatisfaction with the existence of child pornography anonymous hacker organization to kill 15 dar

Hello, Freedom Hosting II, you have been hacked."


on Friday, more than 10000 visitors on a large number of Tor connections based on the dark web site saw this shocking announcement. Yes, an anonymous hacker organization to invade put up a pageantry Freedom Hosting II (hereinafter referred to as FH2) server. FH2 only allows users to access through Tor, and provide hosting services, quite popular. After this announcement for up to six hours, all sites hosted by the server are still offline. According to security experts, involving about 1/5 of the dark web site.

the hacker organization revealed that these dark web site data breach, more than half of the children involved in pornography, and some are involved in bitcoin trading services, Ponzi schemes and hacking forum. According to reliable sources, the hacker organization to FH2 available 0.1 bitcoins or $100 price to exchange data leakage.

Saturday, the hackers compromised FH2 statement the details and move of the mind.

"In fact, this is our first invasion,"

said in an email. We just had the idea of getting rid of the server, and then tried one."

according to the organization, they first invaded FH2 in January 30th, but it was only obtained permission to read, that is to say that when they are unable to make any changes or delete the file, but you can get the information of all web server hosting.


hacker organization said: "originally did not intend to take FH2 to, just quietly observed." But then they found a number of large child pornography sites, is over FH2 of the space quota. Because FH2 is usually only available for each site 256MB quota, but these illegal site quotas actually reached the GB level. Then the organization said in a statement, they have found on the FH2 10 child pornography sites, the file occupies as much as 30GB of the space, the child pornography has accounted for more than half of the server data storage. They are angry: "this shows that these illegal websites pay for the hosting service, in other words the server administrator on their website. This is the reason we want to take FH2."

in the case of unpublished data, such a statement is indeed difficult to convince, but in view of the understanding of each dark Server Co, this statement does have a certain degree of credibility. In early 2013, Freedom Hosting was the host primary law enforcement against illegal child pornography, leaked data, when the dark half of the net hosting website.

according to the dark web researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis>


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