Wo Wo Group 25, the Nasdaq market capitalization of about $384 million

According to

China sound "center wide news" reported yesterday, Wo Wo Group will be disclosed to group purchase website New York time on February 25th, the completion of IPO on nasdaq. And this will also be our country’s first independent listing buy site.

according to the American news media, Wo Wo Group’s Prospectus has been submitted in February 4th completed, the prospectus shows that Wo Wo Group plans to issue 6 million shares of American depositary shares, equivalent to 108 million ordinary shares, issue price per American Depositary Shares of $9 to $11, the maximum amount of financing of about $65 million. In the middle value of $10 per American depositary shares, Wo Wo Group market capitalization of approximately $384 million.

Wo Wo Group mentioned in the prospectus and its positioning is the life service business platform in the first submission of IPO, rather than the group purchase, this point can be understood from the strategy. Now the group purchase originator Groupon shares IPO issue price fell by more than 65% in the United States, investors of group purchase stocks does not favor. And a big wave of last year, including Alibaba, the electricity supplier in the shares successfully listed in the United States, but also to create a nest chance, can take this to the U.S. investors about the "Tmall life service industry" story. Wowo if this can be successfully landed on the Nasdaq, will become the first listed companies in the field of domestic O2O.

but there are also points out, offering financing situation of disclosure of the book, people have to think of 3 years ago, Wo Wo Group caused great controversy in financing propaganda. In May 2011, Wo Wo Group announced a high-profile first round of financing will reach $200 million, is the largest single financing of the group purchase industry. Wo Wo Group started out announcing the news, claiming that the financing will come from goldman. And then there was a reporter interviewed on the matter Goldman Sachs, the relevant responsible person said, the matter does not comment. In May 25, 2011, Wo Wo Group said at a news conference, funds from CDH, Tianyou, Qing Branch, but refused to disclose the specific amount of investment. But now, the prospectus disclosure is that Wo Wo Group in the A round of financing, the total financing $55 million, only 1/4 of the amount of the original promotion. And A-3 round of financing has not yet occurred, it has released 200 million yuan of foreign financing satellites. (reporter Liu Yichen)


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