Month: July 2017

playing Web refactoring has been a period of time, and count with so much experience. Often someone asked some questions about the layout of wit, SvnHost group and friends please write more about the layout of a tutorial to help some novice, talented person also promised will write about some layout wit their own experience and experience, to share a.

, with Youku, Sohu, music, and other major video sites mercilessly combat piracy, do movie station friends have had the idea of transformation?.

is a good idea for me transformation, why would I say so, should do the best is the operation, which is SEO, no matter what we are to do the site SEO, so when we face a cruel blow, personal advice or transformation, there are many factors, there are also many. Say. But for a grassroots webmaster, you do not have the background, awesome weight you must transition. There are many advantages to the transformation, but there is only one drawback. read more

a lot of new webmaster do website promotion website, are busy, this is the most tired, as long as it is done site will know, of course, money is comfortable, can not see the effect of thousands, tens of thousands of fast only enough SEO, want to spread to Baidu first, smashing all the money, you can go to my website look at the http// crystal free movie network is entertainment, very successful, the new promotion methods common

1 navigation landing site, the site navigation has about 20 real effect, the specific 20, you probably know better than me, try to log in, as long as you have a website, keep to effort, there are always unexpected harvest, I now have 5. Stand by, do not forget the more than 100 small and medium-sized Web site navigation, those sites, although not directly flow over a day, or 2-5 IP, but after logging in, there will be good for search. Intangible effect. read more

did you ever wonder where the website was going to be optimized?


did you ever know that website development is divided into early, middle and late stages?

did you ever know that the development of the website requires the tacit understanding of the five generals?

believe that many novice webmaster (including some old webmaster) are confused, in the website did not make money, no profit when, do not know from what aspects of optimization properly, can quickly make its website profit. My personal summary of 3 years of experience in website promotion, website optimization will be the brightest subdivision for five generals of Shu, this paper will introduce the key elements of which five general representative sites, and development potential. Please criticize me. read more

just now a friend asked me which domain name service provider was of good quality and raised a lot of questions.

in this grzzzj is also written according to their experience, let us refer to.

takes the COM domain name (COM and CN domain names are no different, are all agents, distribution agents, DNS server)

domestic COM domain name top agents are many. Of course, the most common is the new network, new network, network interconnection. Everyone goes to CNNIC to check the domain name registration record. But grzzzj suggests you don’t register with several agents listed above. Why? Why? After reading the article, you’ll see. read more

this article describes how to increase your chances of creating an excellent new website. Remember to refer to what needs to be done before the site is developed, rather than the issues that should be considered before going online. This article outlines five of the most important aspects, both keyword positioning, website innovation, profit models and web site follow-up development.

1, keyword analysis, location. It’s about where you’re going to develop the content of your site. We should be familiar with the industry, which may be closer to success. Also because you are familiar with, with a very important first-hand original data, then it will fully play a positive role in helping you make money. At the same time, you have to use some webmaster tools to check the popularity and competition of the keyword you are targeting. High popularity, of course, the more competitive it is, if you have a special advantage, you can consider doing, otherwise it will be more difficult, this depends on your own grasp. read more

Free and paid


network promotion

basic operation

1, three SEO homepage, title tag, the site code above keywords, description three tags, keywords ranking, search habits according to Baidu spider, title label Baidu to give right important than keywords tags, keywords priority title the inside of the. The main web site of those keywords, as well as the company can produce benefits keywords, and then through the keyword password query tool to title for a new sort. The second is the keywords keyword sorting, unlike the title tag. Describe the site in a few general words and write it in the description tag. Plus the company’s main business. read more

in the forum to see someone asked how to increase the weight of the railway station, is about two days before the new website Baidu big update ranking in severe decline, the conclusion is mostly due to the weight of the new website is not so ranking drop.

how to increase the weight of new sites, etc.? Is a good way, but also a choice of lazy webmaster. It will be nice to wait a while, but how long can I wait until I ask Baidu?. So, diligent webmaster will ask, in addition to wait, is there no other way to increase the weight of the new site, so that the site can climb up as soon as possible? read more

At the beginning of the

have come to a blessing, remember the December 1st Internet Conference, there have been serious feelings for A5, I hope the friends of the A5 success! Nearly a year did not write the article in A5, estimated writing something strange, not well written please forgive me. Here are some of our experience in running local talent recruitment websites for more than two years.

sometimes details determine success or failure, so we start from the details, I said here is real dry cargo details, big and empty things by some articles said. These details are expressed in: read more


I have experienced operations team, when operating at low position, do not feel the workplace "bloody"; a slightly higher level, we deeply appreciate the workplace politics is often greater than the output operation of a hail of bullets, interests.

so many people desire most is to find a simple team, simple, simple performance evaluation (a business goal is clear), in this team, work should be happy and positive.

everyone works hard for the common goal of communism. I especially like such an unknown target is not a traditional code of conduct, to put the 2b. I hope the team, not all sizes of shoes in your way before you, a broad road, full of joy and passion unlimited. Again, the team needs data-driven, and each of our decisions, each marketing behavior should have a reason, rather than patting the ring of the brain behind what command. As a result, we will not be headless flies rampage, and secondly, we can see the output of each marketing behavior. If these two points, in our operations personnel will enjoy the career. read more

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