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3. new sites to enrich the content, the best is original content. If the news, they need to focus on a time, now in 2011, you are in a 09 year news, users will love the content of your website? The user Pro Lai your website, it means that the search engine will not Chikayori your website, after all, do stand do not give the search engine, but to the user.

railway station, on the Internet is not the site of the external links, like you live in the land of idyllic beauty wine, even if the wine is more fragrant, no way, the spider did not come into it. The chain is equivalent to the site of the road, while the construction of the chain to hold a degree, new chain growth is not excessive, but also need to diversify, not just the same kind of site or with a user posted a link. Or you and SP> read more

vertical industry user groups you choose is too small, it can effectively reduce the optimization difficulty, but even the website promotion to first love Shanghai, but there is no corresponding user to search, also have an important impact on the future development of the site will not. So we must carefully analyze the main groups of the industry in the decision-making stage, and as a basis for the following details of the decision.

a site during operation can be realized, the key is to look at the decision is correct or not, if we can in the decision-making process of the many details are taken into account, we can make the latter optimization with the correct program, to continue to adhere to the development of ideas. We will be able to make site optimization success. So how to make correct decision website? I think we can start construction from the following aspects: read more

if you have encountered such a situation, then do not rejoice, you want to check to the website of the true ranking, suggested using the related query toolbar, in order to obtain the correct ranking, don’t love Shanghai a personalized experience blinded.

this personalized experience is through what principle do, will not involve privacy issues, this has yet to be understood, this paper just is the ranking problems are discussed.

through the analysis, we found that this should be the typical love Shanghai personalized experience, love Shanghai through the statistics of daily users click on the website, found specific website users frequently visit, then according to the needs of users, will give the site better ranking, which is usually ranked in the second place, but the result is just the user’s own computer to see the results, while others may not see the same results, if you love Shanghai account login, then the probability of this happening more. read more


2, direct the output

1, reduce the spider crawling efficiency love Shanghai, resulting in Shanghai in the process of love spider crawling and some do not exist 404 page

analysis found that the website links and no tool points out of the 404 page links, and then through further investigation, found that the output of RSS pages. In the background, I set the output RSS displays only the abstract, rather than text, so when the program will automatically cut. Cut into incomplete part. Love Shanghai is to identify the text link, hence the 404 page. read more

, 4), matching mode setting control: some companies set up dead, show little chance, have almost no opportunity to show, match the settings recommended first test run, wide flow increased traffic and then increase the amount of transformation.

third, budget

Conversion of

3), without geographical restrictions: advertising in the region to promote the launch of potential customers, advertising has not been well demonstrated and transformation, it will also cause the transformation of small amount. read more

is sometimes a lot of misunderstanding between people because of the lack of communication, to establish an effective communication platform for users and website. Allows users to put their own needs and opinions of the website and service told us, let them participate in this web site, Adsense encyclopedia wiki has done very well, add a user to edit entries, you can edit and what problems can also direct feedback. Our customers through the communication and exchange, can be done more in the user experience on. read more

oak offshore

Of course, the best If you run


can look at the inside of the Google keyword data statistics, to see if there is any omission. Basically speaking, visitors tend to search brand word + product series combinations and changes, then structured ALT tag out, can be written as: alt= "brand series of products}-{word {w} is the product model", "the Audemars Pigeut AP- series -26378IO.OO, Royal Oak Offshore" for product images it is not recommended to describe, write too much redundant content, keep the data structured, do keyword recognition is high, keyword rich information can be, do not do keyword accumulation. read more

How do put a site a mess

added two regional key after some key site keyword ranking rose to a relatively good position. It really is a good medicine to modify the title of

in May according to the previous step, every day will stop the chain and write some original. But the site of some of the important keyword ranking did not change much (relatively low), so I started the first to modify the site title. Add the two regions (Chengdu, Guiyang)


just went for about 20 days or so, the site began included in the page read more

Two, learn to share with each other

is the only company of Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster feel every time is very tight, every time is not enough but at night always feel this day what had been done on the end of the. That is the work efficiency, I am in the company engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work every day working time is about 12 hours. To maintain the station every day is almost 15 or so. How in the shortest time to complete the work and ranking the real impact? Today and share with you. read more

website ranking old arrest in the 2-3 page, many webmaster always make such a sound. The website ranked in the 2, 3 pages and in the page is completely two concepts, from 2, 3 pages to the home page is a big leap. In the optimization of mobile phone lottery software site, I would encounter such a problem, the old residence in 2, ranked 3, but is not suspended in midair, to the home page, not to mention the first 4. To the rank of the website have a big breakthrough, I made a careful analysis of their own website on the Internet at the same time, looking for any such solution. Below I will share my research structure. read more

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