Month: September 2017

in early November, from the Google sitelimk sitelink officially launched the love of Shanghai, search for some network brand keywords in love in Shanghai (including the industry brand, regional brand), there will be a SiteLink (link station) display effect, which in addition to the normal display the brand website title and description content; at the same time, according to the Shanghai love the huge user search their own understanding of the search data displayed on the brand website home page entry, given the network the brand service brand characteristics of several respected friends (or content) link, it is the love of Shanghai "search" is an important complementary strategy to improve. read more


second, then a more awesome form of promotion

First, the extended form of With a series of articles to guide third, click on the

: micro-blog, WeChat promotion

most of the owners will encounter this problem, ranking in the 30-40 range of the float is not to enter the forefront of keywords about Shanghai Dragon: Shanghai dragon blog, Shanghai Dragon Technology into the ranking. Now the most important is how to do in addition to 20 key words before 2 pages, now mainly introduces three methods: read more

third: pure text urllist.txt.

we need to understand the site map, site map is divided into many types, strictly conforms to the sitemap.0.90 specification (as long as this specification is explained in Wuxi Shanghai Longfeng cocoa blog), can be called sitemap site map, which is divided into several common format:

understand the site map types, we also know that the main purpose is to submit a site map and guide the search engine spiders crawl the web smoothly, improve the site included speed and included rate. read more

Of course

stations can not only do some difficult words, but also can operate the grey words. Here in Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng stations is that hundreds of thousands of Web site keywords of the same type, the station group software to improve the site keywords coverage, the station group link strategy to enhance the website ranking, some powerful functions on the station group software and station group software optimization strategies do not know can your search. If you find a leisurely for their own standing group of software, select a product for the successful operation of the grey words very considerable profit. Disadvantages of early need to invest part of the funds. read more


two, on the website of the program

, a domain name origin

forum will be very strange this domain what wool relationship and do Taobao forum ah, in fact there is a story originally this domain is a friend and I go to register, ready to do a mobile phone wholesale website for his wife and children may not go back with his wife, this is a a good man is an example of our study, in order to give up his wife want to do business here and give him 32 points, because the domain name and space are bought, I want to buy a can’t waste it, I just want to do what site ah, do not good because the local forum I made a local forum called Shangrao expert network because a person’s energy is limited, the domain name expires not to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled renewals, do the local forum this road is not a. How about a good webmaster forum, because the webmaster site is too much like what the home station, A5 station, love these capital operation site, and I have only a no capital operation can think of is not feasible, at this time, my friends asked me how to do Taobao, this let my eyes like a light shining in front of me, or do I love to seller sites like Shanghai search to find the seller forum basically are engaged in training site, careful to do sellers because they focus almost no forum is diverted to the people YY to engage in training, if I do you still have a chance to work. Of course, for what kind of domain name for the website ranking, keyword domain name is prefixed with the keyword domain name, such as "the forum with the seller, the seller keywords" you choose such a domain name, will be very beneficial to the search engine ranking. Keywords domain name of limited resources, the most good keyword domain have been registered, if your industry that appears this kind of situation, we recommend you use the domain name contains keywords, the seller Learning Forum in the domain name choice of this piece is not ready, due to various reasons, did not expect to do is just the beginning the seller learning forum of this website. read more

network marketing, more and more enterprises pay close attention to the construction and promotion of their own site. At present, the Shanghai Phoenix market, compared with the past more standardized and more intense competition. As for advertising, search engine promotion service payment, achieve good rankings by natural ranking of search engine for website promotion alone, produced a huge impact. How to make the site more effective to get good rankings in the search engine, has become the focus of enterprise website of Shanghai dragon staff. Optimization strategies and skills of Shanghai dragon below us to analyze the enterprise website. read more

The The next step is to optimize the

A5 for optimization of landing page, the website said some can not accept, they think that the landing page information is all the better, the more detailed the better text. This good thing, any landing page must pass the A/B test to achieve the best effect, not by comparing the effect is not apparent, through 10 days of testing, the site responsible person to accept the recommendations of the A5, because see the effect, but the A5 team did not let them continue to the end of the test, the new the landing page size, color, consulting button placement, page text layout into the test order. read more

for most website designers, on-line web site and not by the webmaster to or prompted by a sudden impulse, through the website to express what you want, everyone’s ideas are not the same, and each focus is different, in the fierce competition in the industry, small.

as a web site, there must be different from other peer sites in the process of operation, although the network copy is very simple, as long as you move the mouse, can copy the contents of the A web site B, however, take a look at some successful website, not the same, Taobao is the one and only once, and pat, yes this mall is imitation of taobao贵族宝贝, ultimately failed, there are also some good website imitation 123 website, but in the end of 123 or 123, other similar websites are difficult to surpass, and obtain good market space similar to the 123 site, and has 123 are essentially different. The same is the group purchase website, the public comments, the U.S. mission network in terms of site layout, or marketing focus, completely different, although they had pushed the "intense physical conflict", but the site design style is completely different, keywords layout is not the same. Therefore, a comparison of market access and other websites, there is always not the same place, always have their own characteristics, and this feature is the selling point of read more

for the site is a large source of branch flow is general, the site structure, then how to use the general keywords? I believe that you can set your general keywords for your catalogue. For example, the site of the general keywords "the facial plastic", as in catalogue. These general keywords that set apart from weight to increase the user experience on the site you can not make a reasonable distribution. The weight of your site content page will transfer to the catalog and directory can be passed to the home page of your site, so you can ensure your home page keywords get enough weight. Of course, we classified catalog number can not be too much, if more words, you can use the form through the use of sub categories. As shown below: read more

refers to the selection of industry began to develop from small to large from a point, as do keyword ranking, should choose new competitive small keywords, long tail keywords, and then slowly to the target keywords optimization competition. With the long tail keywords accumulation, is a huge resource, seemingly from long-term strategy in rural areas surrounding the city, when the long tail keywords do worry about perfection of the time will not target keywords ranking, to put the industry to do fine do fine. By this way to promote their own Many a little make a mickle.. read more

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