Month: November 2017

fourth, the principle of sequential user experience. The placement site navigation in the link, from.

now many webmaster in website optimization, the principle is the content and the form of the chain tends to follow, some webmaster began to combine competitor data analysis, and the corresponding optimization. But innovation in these optimization methods at the same time, but for the optimization of site navigation is different from the existence of different extent ignoring the situation. In fact, a site navigation can not only provide the necessary reference for the spider crawling, but also for users to quickly locate the content page will also play a very important role, so strengthen the optimization of site navigation is very important. read more

The first point: ) ?

every site has its value of existence, see the Robin square dance website, the heart has been thinking, if you, you will choose such a theme as their next test flow fields? Square dance, this keyword, if in your side, you will dig out his meaning? This text, some simple thinking about the theme of the site, dance a simple thinking this article brings hope of help from the square.

when Yi Le Village next good Le Yi fast food to eat on the night, a group of people over there can always be a simple square dance, as long as it is sunny, the sound will drive the crowd movement, jumping vigorously, fun, this is life. Square dance, to our first impression, that is, it is popular, it is overflowing, at home there, often in the evening to see you in the supermarket, a radio, and a group of people began to take off in the front, people can not help feeling, this movement has penetrated into the original rural people’s activities, led a group of people dancing, this is the market. read more

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