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first_imgNow is not the time to play political poker in Jefferson County.Phone lines are burning, gentlemen’s agreements are being considered and a flood of seats will be open for Republicans and Democrats. But one thing is a sure bet.Change. With the filing period less than a month away, Jefferson County will see a change in district attorney for the first time since the Reagan Administration, a change in state senator since 2002 and a change in state representative since 1998.Southeast Texas is still facing the shock over the loss of powerhouse incumbents State Sen. Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, and Rep. Allan Ritter, R-Nederland.The two, who have a combined more than 30 plus years of serving in the Texas Legislature, made back-to-back announcements last week of not running again. While District Attorney Tom Maness has not announced his plans, it is widely anticipated that he will not seek another term. That announcement will most likely precede any announcement by Wortham.Nov. 9 is the first day for candidates to file for the March Republican and Democratic primaries.E. Perry Thomas, an assistant district attorney with nearly 24 years’ experience, said he plans to run as a Republican, which would result in there being a contested race and thus forcing Wortham to step aside.Thomas also knows that in doing so he will not have made a political friend with Wortham.Of course someone running in the Democratic Primary would still make it a contested race but Democrats are expected to spend their time and money in other local judicial and county commissioner races.Wortham has long-standing Republican credentials dating back to literally the day after Ronald Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter when U.S. Sen. John Tower called him to gauge his interest in serving as U.S. District Attorney, a position he would later accept.Already making a move for the 58th Judicial District spot is Tom Rugg who currently is the first assistant Jefferson County criminal district attorney and who has already named former Tax Assessor-Collector Miriam K. Johnson as his treasurer.Nederland attorney Rick Williams is also looking at the 58th District Judicial spot but, like Rugg, is weighing whether a gubernatorial appointment is in the offering if Wortham is forced to step down.Such a move would give the interim incumbent a marked advantage to run for the full term.Rugg once served as the interim County Court-at-Law No. 1 judge, having been appointed by the Commissioners’ Court to serve out a one-year unexpired term. Williams was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to fill a vacancy for the 279th District Court but lost a bid for a full term.Jefferson County is not alone in the political shake-up world as Montgomery County is also looking at the void left by Williams.According to Walter “Wally” Wilkerson, Jr., a retired doctor and 40-year Republican Party chairman for Montgomery County, at least one state representative and current State Board of Education Chairwoman Barbara Cargill are in the discussion mix.Another state representative might have also been considering a run but had already chosen to run for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, a decision announced but not filed for prior to Williams’ decision not to run again.It is speculated that Williams might pursue a position with the Texas A&M University System.Senate District 4 encompasses all of Jefferson and Orange counties but it is the western end of the district, including parts of Harris and Montgomery counties from which Williams’ successor will most likely come from.A Jefferson County candidate not facing a local opponent in the Republican Primary could, and that is a big could, possibly win given that a May election would be a low turnout affair. However, the possibility of retaining the seat in 2016 would be nearly impossible.Ritter’s seat also includes all of Orange County. The races to replace Ritter and Williams will likely affect and be affected by the race for Congressional District 36, currently held by U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman.If it sounds like you need a scorecard to keep track, you do and it would be best to use a pencil.Just remember that between now and the filing period, all bets are off as to who will do what and when.Dan Bledsoe has more than 23 years experience in media and politics and resides in Groves.center_img Williams, the current Senate Finance Committee chairman, is expected to resign mid-term to allow for a special called election most likely in May. Ritter, who serves as chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, will serve out his term with a successor to most likely come from the Republican Primary.On the county level, the race for Jefferson County district attorney will headline the local slate of offices and this one is the lead bowling pin waiting to be knocked over.Incumbent 58th Judicial District Judge Bob Wortham is eyeing being able to serve out the remainder of his term while running for district attorney; however, he might not remain an incumbent for long.Although state law does not require it, a sitting judicial district judge cannot remain in office if he or she opts to run for another office that is contested, according to the Judicial Code of Conduct.last_img read more

first_imgAthletics East New Britain athletes Sharon Toako and Annie Topal were in great form last weekend helping their New Mexico Highlands University Team win the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Track and Field Championships in Golden, Colorado. The Conference Championships are the highlight of the track season for most NCAA College athletes with only those who hit the qualifying marks going on to represent their schools at the National Championships. The RMAC championships brought together athletes from 14 universities from around Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska and Utah for a weekend of competition in the full range of track and field events. Toako continued her recent great run of form with a championships record throw of 48.36m to win the Javelin, giving a whopping margin of 9 metres over the second placed athlete. This mark is a conference record, being the best women’s Javelin throw ever at the Championships, eclipsing the previous mark of 47.10 which was set in 1999. Toako is ranked second in the country in NCAA division two as she now turns her attention to the nationals which will be in Charlotte North Carolina later this month. Topal was also in great form setting personal best performances in the long jump, triple jump and 400m hurdles. The 21-year-old, competing in only her first season in the USA was placed third in the long jump with 5.99m which was a significant improvement on her previous best of 5.52m and as expected Topal went on to win the triple jump. Her triple jump mark of 12.82 also ranks her second in the country in NCAA D2 competition. After clocking a personal best 62.23 seconds in the heats of the 400m hurdles Topal was expected to challenge for first place in the final but had to settle for fourth in 63.42 after hitting the sixth hurdle quite hard. Meanwhile another athlete hoping to make it to the nationals is Poro Gahekave who will compete in the Lone Star Conference Championships this weekend representing Lubbock Christian University. Gahekave has been in fine form recently clocking personal best times in the 800m (2:15.13); 1500m (4:45.05); and 3000m steeplechase (11min18.82). Sprinter Afure Adah who recently attended the Commonwealth Games is already assured of her place at nationals as her Minnesota State team are currently ranked Number 1 in Division Two in the 4x100m relay.last_img read more

The Year Ahead in LP

first_imgThis is truly a transformative time in retail. With mounting expectations on product availability and escalating demands on service and convenience, the way people shop is changing—and with it the strategies necessary to attract and retain customers. Innovation has become a requisite to retail survival, with new technology offering both our greatest opportunities and our greatest challenges. But the changes that we face are more than just a few new and different widgets that will push the envelope. This is all part of an evolving retail culture that is changing the way that we do business.What does this mean for loss prevention? What are the primary challenges the industry may face this coming year, and how might we rise to meet them? For perspective and input into where 2018 may take LP, we turned to executive leadership from three leading retail solution providers to help identify some common themes.- Sponsor –  Was there a key trend or development in 2017 that you think will drive the loss prevention agenda in 2018? Or might something new steal LP’s focus in the year ahead?CARTER: With a reduction in overall brick-and-mortar growth and an increasing aim at omni-channel expansion, loss prevention will need to realign their resources more toward product visibility and inventory controls. Individual consumer buying habits continue to evolve, and there is a growing need for more visibility of the available inventory. As consumers, we’ve already done our research and know what we want. We want to experience the purchase in-store but know it’s there before we go.With this increased transparency comes inherent risk. Credit card and cyber security threats are on the rise and can severely affect profits but more dramatically alter brand loyalty and future purchases. Loss prevention must continue evolving preventative measures for protecting these critical areas of the business.Terrorism, active shooters, and the opioid epidemic are all growing and raising substantial concern for employee and consumer safety. Planning and preventing these types of safety threats is a monumental challenge for loss prevention and if done inaccurately can shake the stability of the brand, personnel, and future offerings. Security measures, training, and working in conjunction with law enforcement can help, but it will be loss prevention’s preparedness and responsiveness that will best reflect community responsibility.SANTANA LI: We are once again moving forward in a new age of technology, and this will continue to demand our focus and attention. In 2017 we began scaling operations of autonomous security robots nationwide after numerous successful deployments in California and believe this will be an escalating trend in 2018. We’ve been able to assist law enforcement in issuing an arrest warrant for a sexual predator, helped loss prevention apprehend retail thieves, helped stop a vandal at a corporate campus, and put a stop to a fraudulent insurance claim. We’re just getting started in providing our nation’s more than 2 million law enforcement, loss prevention, and private security professionals new, unprecedented capabilities in situational awareness—new tools to help them to do their difficult jobs much more effectively.TONKON: Inventory accuracy and visibility will continue to drive the loss prevention agenda as retailers address the complexities of omni-channel commerce. This is vital to developing a winning retail strategy today and directly benefits loss prevention efforts by helping organizations understand what items are missing. Inventory accuracy is critical for supporting an omni-channel solution that provides real-time visibility to a single view of products across all channels. It begins with data integrity throughout the merchandise supply chain and the ability to track at the item level what happens from when it arrives at the store.As you look over the risk landscape in 2018 and consider the many challenges currently facing LP, are there any areas where you think LP might need to step up its game?SANTANA LI: Implementation of technology, which is a two-fold problem. First, having the courage to take on new technologies proactively and aggressively—the pace is way too slow, and there needs to be a much greater sense of urgency. The second is much more complicated—the lack of innovative technologies to actually implement. This is an industry starving for real game-changing innovation but also an industry starving for those willing and able to drive that same innovation. This needs to change.It’s also infuriating that we live in a society where going to work, going to the mall, going to a movie theatre, or even going to school comes literally with a risk of being shot or killed. A fundamental change is required. I can assure you that no amount of “thoughts and prayers” from our political leaders is going to fix this growing problem. LP folks need to think broadly about risks—not just losses.TONKON: Technology is being embraced more rapidly than ever before, and the race to support the many facets of an omni-channel solution is driving most retail investments. But as history has shown, this race can lead to the need for greater loss prevention efforts because some retailers’ risk assessments were not fully considered at the time of implementation. As a result, initiatives such as “buy online/pick up in-store” and touchless in-store purchasing have exposed greater risks than initially understood.Another key trend is in the world of big data, moving beyond data analytics to prescriptive analytics and the need for qualified professionals. Over the last four years, we have worked with the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) to mentor students at the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business Master of Science in Business Analytics program. This leading global program develops data scientists that RILA matches with major retailers to analyze major loss prevention challenges. With efforts like these, all industries will enable the faster transition of data into actionable information.CARTER: We as an industry are unprepared for the opioid epidemic, which doesn’t discriminate and can affect any individual and community. It’s unsafe and creates uncomfortable and challenging situations for us all. As loss prevention professionals, we will need to identify with it, accept it’s here, learn more about it, and figure out how we can adapt to provide a safer and more secure shopping environment for our communities.Technology advancements are coming fast and furiously. As you look at the year ahead, do you see technology reshaping retail or loss prevention? If so, how?TONKON: Retail is already being reshaped by changing consumer expectations. Organizations need real-time visibility and location solutions, which transform the physical to digital, so they can sense what’s happening in their operations, analyze that data to deliver insights, and act on those insights to make smarter decisions. Retailers specifically require real-time visibility across all purchasing channels to ensure they have what the shopper wants when and how they want it, or shoppers will buy somewhere else.In loss prevention, this transition is well underway as companies move to utilizing technology and analytics that will sense, analyze, and notify store associates to act immediately on a real-time situation. These actions are geared to prevent a loss or situation from occurring in the first place because of the ability to capture data and recognize that an occurrence outside of a certain threshold is taking place so that a message can be sent to a store associate equipped with the mobile device to take action in real time.The proper training of store associates will be the last step to make this ubiquitous. We’re seeing the emergence of new technologies such as robotics, advanced video analytics applications, behavior recognition, and the application of blockchain for food safety benefit loss prevention as well as other functional areas of retail.SANTANA LI: We here in Silicon Valley are working on game-changing technology that will drastically impact the entire LP landscape in the future—but would challenge the premise of the question as it’s not as fast as it needs to be. Our long-term ambition is to make loss prevention the hero in the organization. What happens when the technology is mature enough to effectively eliminate the majority of shrink—and that massive amount of money goes straight to the bottom line of an organization? What if most losses were eliminated, and we could reduce prices of goods for everyone nationwide? When that happens the shopping experience, financial performance, job satisfaction—all of it changes dramatically.CARTER: Artificial intelligence (AI) applications and augmented-reality shopping experiences are going to continue to reshape our buying habits and purchase landscapes. As more transparency is shown during a customer’s journey, such as inventory availability, store accessibility, and un-attended kiosks, the more opportunity can arise for risk and shrink. We all want to have the latest and greatest smart devices, apps, and experience, but at what point is the experience leading us versus us leading it? These are interesting questions to be posed and prepared for, and solutions designed to help support our evolving technology.There is a lot of industry talk about changes in retail strategies to drive revenues. Do you see any emerging retail strategies impacting loss prevention?CARTER: Loss prevention will need to realign resources more toward protecting product visibility and inventory management. Having a transparent inventory knowledge bank that is accessible to any consumer could result in future threats, shrink, and inventory shortages in brick-and-mortar, further driving consumers toward omni-channel solutions. As loss prevention puts more emphasis on protecting the entire supply chain, better controls for omni-channel accessibility, diversified sales platforms, and transparency will continue to meet the ever-growing demand. I also believe that ongoing cultural changes, collaborative communities, and experiential visitations will also help to regain brick-and-mortar presence, delivering quality of experience or quantity of availability.SANTANA LI: We are currently working on (not yet released) an AI concierge feature to add to our autonomous security robots allowing for a two-way dialogue between the machine and a human. What if the loss prevention team could provide a unique and engaging shopping experience while simultaneously securing the facility? There’s nothing like the ROI on a safe and happy customer.TONKON: Let’s start with the touchless checkout that’s been implemented by many retailers, which eliminates the need to go through an associate-staffed point-of-sale. Depending on company policies, there are different methods for assessing and minimizing risk, but a standard method has not yet been established. Former methods for lowering risk associated with certain high-priced items are being challenged so that retailers can provide a more engaging experience, requiring that different prevention factors be implemented that utilize new technology. The good news is that these emerging technologies can be applied to a wider and more effective set of retail situations and ultimately lower the total loss factor at retail. This will be exciting for the loss prevention leaders of tomorrow. Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

first_imgJuventus concerned over Aaron Ramsey strugglesby Paul Vegas6 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveJuventus management have concerns over Aaron Ramsey’s season start.The Wales international left Arsenal in the summer and moved to Turin on a free transfer.The Daily Mail says with just three starts across all competitions so far this season, Ramsey is just an added cost to the income statement and has not yet proved the value the Old Lady had hoped for.Juventus have, so far, not been satisfied with their summer investment.Since his injury as an Arsenal player away to Napoli in April in the Europa League, Ramsey has played just a handful of games. The Caerphilly-born midfielder is muscular yet fragile and at the age of 30, he finds rapid physical recovery difficult to achieve. Then there is a secondary layer to his struggles. It seems to those at the club that Ramsey has not understood the correct rhythm and demands of Italian style training. About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

first_imgTarik Black lists his top ten colleges on Twitter.tarik black top ten twitterFour-star wide receiver recruit Tarik Black, a 6-foot-3, 185-pound product of Chesire, Connecticut, has offers from dozens of college football programs ahead of the 2017 season. Sunday night, he narrowed his list down to 10. Black’s list includes one SEC school (Alabama), two Pac-12 schools (UCLA, Arizona State), three ACC schools (Duke, Miami, Virginia Tech) and four Big Ten schools (Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Rutgers).Thankful for every Opportunity #Top10 pic.twitter.com/K5UfbYt29X— TJ Black (@LetmeRockk_) December 7, 2015You can check out Black’s highlight reel here.last_img read more

first_imgUCF flag flies before AAC championship game.ORLANDO, FL – DECEMBER 2: A UCF Knights spirit team member waves the flag after a score in the third quarter of the ACC Championship against the Memphis Tigers at Spectrum Stadium on December 2, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)Fort Lauderdale wide receiver Dredrick Snelson had a wild recruitment, but in the end, he will be staying close to home with the UCF Knights. Snelson, a one time Minnesota commit, chose UCF over finalists Maryland and Penn State. He also reportedly had offers from Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Miami, and numerous others.#Flanagan HS (FL) 2016 WR Dredrick Snelson (@D_Snelson2) signs LOI with the #UCF #Knights pic.twitter.com/iIInG76D5k— Sleeper Athletes (@SleeperAthletes) February 3, 2016Snelson is a four-star player according to ESPN and Rivals. ESPN ranks him as the No. 20 wide receiver in the class.last_img read more

first_imgBALURGHAT: Tension gripped Kushmandi’s Maligaon area on Saturday morning after the body of a local TMC worker was found around 5 km away from his residence by the locals. Murder is being suspected.The deceased TMC worker has been identified as Harihar Das (50), a resident of Panchhata. Police have initiated an investigation. No arrests have been made so far. Das had gone missing since Friday afternoon. As he had not returned till late in the evening, his family members initiated a search operation but in vain. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaIn the morning, the locals discovered his body lying beside a pond with traces of rampant beating on the head. The stick was also found beside the body. Police rushed to the spot after being intimated and faced public demonstration as he was a popular face of the party there. Police, however, managed to recover his body after positive assurances. Later it was sent for postmortem to Balurghat district hospital. A local, named Bachchu Das, said: “I discovered the body in the morning while crossing the field. I screamed for help. The locals from adjacent areas rushed in and later we informed the police and Das’ family members. His body was lying beside a pond with deep head injury, probably from a bamboo stick, that was left next to him and had dry traces of blood.” Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayLocals and Das’ family members demanded immediate arrests of the culprits. Local Trinamool leader and karmadhakshya of South Dinajpur Zilla Parishad, Shyamal Saha said: “Harihar Das was an active Trinamool worker and a popular face of the area. He had close association with the party workers and locals. He also had a lot of responsibilities for the upcoming polls. The locals want quick action and have also demonstrated before the police regarding the same.” A large contingent of police force has been deployed in the area to maintain the law and order situation.last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: A 4-year-old boy was crushed to death by a speeding vehicle in South Delhi’s Men Sarai. The deceased has been identified as Ajam Ansari, a resident of Sangam Vihar. The offending vehicle has been seized and the driver of the car arrested.The incident was reported on March 29 at 3:07 pm from Neb Sarai police station. The caller told police regarding the accident and a boy seriously injured in front of Kausar Masjid, Sangam Vihar, Delhi. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderWhen the police team reached the spot one boy whose name and address was found to be Ajam Ansari (4), from Sangam Vihar, Delhi, was found lying on the road with severe head injury. He was shifted to AIIMS hospital where doctor declared the injured brought dead. The body has been preserved in AIIMS mortuary for postmortem. “The offending vehicle Maruti Ecco-White Colour has been seized and offending driver Sushant Kumar Majumdar, a resident of Sabda, Nangloi, Delhi has been arrested. Accordingly a case under sections 279/304A IPC has been registered and investigation of the case is in progress,” said a senior police officer.last_img read more

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