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first_imgWhite rhino (Ceratotherium simum) inthe Kruger National Park  The SouthAfrican government is planning to clampdown heavily on wildlife poachers, andespecially those who kill rhino. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)  MEDIA CONTACTS • Sputnik RatauEnvironmental Affairs media liaison officer+27 12 336 8790 or +27 82 874 2942 RELATED ARTICLES • Wildlife poachers to be taken down • Black rhinos return to Serengeti • New unit to rescue rhinos • Kruger’s animal populations growing• Rescuing the white rhinoMinister of Environmental Affairs Buyelwa Sonjica delivered the keynote address at the Rhino Summit, which was held at the Reserve Bank’s conference centre in Pretoria on 5 and 6 October.The summit’s aim was to address the tragic surge in rhino poaching incidents that has rocked Southern Africa in the last few months.Sonjica reaffirmed her department’s commitment to eradicating rhino poaching, and also mentioned planned future talks between South Africa and Far East countries including Vietnam, China and Japan, to discuss ways in which to bring the illegal wildlife trade in those regions under control.The summit, which was also intended as a review of the effectiveness of current anti-poaching efforts, forms part of the implementation of the so-called Strategy for the Safety and Security of Rhinoceros Populations in South Africa.Also in attendance were Environmental Affairs Director-general Nosipho Ngcaba, the deputy director-general for biodiversity and conservation Fundisile Mketeni, and representatives of various law enforcement agencies, NGOs, and national parks.SA united against poaching“It is indeed a great honour and a privilege for me to address you at this important event in the history of conservation in our country,” said Sonjica in her speech.“I’m standing here with mixed feelings – of excitement and sadness – given the context of the issues that have prompted this gathering. I’m sad because the country’s proud track record on rhino conservation is being undermined by the senseless killing of rhino and its associated Illegal wildlife trafficking.“On the other hand, I’m excited to note that the country is united in its resolve to fight this unfortunate scourge and that tremendous progress is being made from all fronts to ensure that South Africa remains a beacon of hope in conservation management.“South Africa is recognised internationally as a significant role player in rhino conservation because we currently have a proud track record of conserving more rhino than any other country. We are also playing a major role in helping other countries to re-establish their rhino populations.“Allow me to give you a bit of background and remind you of the history of rhino conservation in South Africa. The rhino population in South Africa was on the brink of extinction in the early 1960s, but at the end of 2007 South Africa had conserved 35% of Africa’s black rhino and 93% of Africa’s white rhino respectively.“The net annual growth rate of the white rhino population in South Africa is 6.6%. South Africa currently has a population of approximately 19 000 white rhino and 1 750 black rhino. From that picture, it is evident that we have made tremendous strides in rhino conservation, especially white rhino.“Unfortunately the rhino population in South Africa is now being threatened by an upsurge in the illegal killing of rhinos and the leakage of illegally obtained rhino horn stocks into the international illegal trade.“Throughout the years there have been successful breakthroughs in rhino poaching investigations by the many law enforcement agencies in South Africa. However from 2008 onwards rhino poaching has escalated at an alarming rate, as has the leakage of both legal and illegal rhino horns held in the various private and government stockpiles with no indication of decreasing.”Sonjica informed the audience that to date, 227 rhinos had been illegally killed on South African soil since the beginning of the year, and that should this trend continue, over 300 animals will have met an unnecessary death by the end of 2010.“The Department of Environmental Affairs is aware that only a well-coordinated effort by all law enforcement agencies in South Africa will make an impact on the illegal killing of the rhinos. The department developed and implemented various initiatives over the last two years to address this concerning scourge and its subsequent trade in illegally obtained rhinoceros horns.“Among other actions, these interventions include:The publishing of a national moratorium on the sale of individual rhinoceros horns and any derivates or products within South Africa in 2009 to ensure that no legally obtained horns end up in the illegal trade;The publishing of national norms and standards for the marking of rhino horn and the hunting of white rhinoceros for trophy hunting purposes on 20 July 2009 to further regulate marking and hunting of rhinoceros;The establishment of a national, multi-departmental biodiversity investigators forum in March 2009 which coordinates and acts as a contact point where all biodiversity related law enforcement information is collected, accessed, distributed and tasked to specific subgroups of the forum;South Africa was nominated to participate in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Rhinoceros Enforcement Task Force;The Department of Environmental Affairs has established a Directorate: Biodiversity Enforcement to coordinate and investigate biodiversity related crimes on a national basis;The establishment of an interim National Wildlife Crime Reaction Unit or NWCRU within the department was approved in February this year. The unit will be fully operational once all the secondment process is finalised;The publishing of the national regulations for CITES wild fauna and flora in March 2010 for the control of legal international trade in CITES-listed species including rhino;Approval and implementation of a National Strategy for the Safety and Security of Rhinoceros Populations and Horn Stocks in South Africa.Working together“Ladies and gentlemen, the establishment of the interim NWCRU is aimed at responding to the current spate of wildlife crimes and more specifically the upsurge of rhino poaching and smuggling of rhino horn.“This unit is driven by the Department of Environmental Affairs, with the South African National Parks leading its coordination on behalf of the Department. The NWCRU will, among others, react immediately when a serious wildlife crime has been committed and be able to detect and investigate smuggling of wildlife and wildlife products.Sonjica said that the South African Police Service (SAPS) has deployed a dedicated endangered species coordinator in each province, and that an elite team of the SAPS Hawks will focus on rhino poaching related activities around the country.The Hawks, also known as the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, are a special branch of the SAPS which arose from the now-defunct – and highly successful – Directorate for Special Operations, or Scorpions.“We are happy with the cooperation from the National Prosecution Authorities who have designated prosecutors in province and nationally to deal with organised environmental crime matters,” said Sonjica.“Owing to the increase in rhino poaching, we now have the Strategy for the Safety and Security of Rhinoceros Populations in South Africa. This strategy is aimed at providing us with guiding principles to inform decision-making processes, strategic planning and operations aimed at reducing the effects of poaching on rhino species and to ensure the successful arrest, conviction and sentencing of poachers, illegal traders and crime syndicates operating locally at park level, regionally, nationally and internationally. Although we are tackling this challenge locally, we are also taking our efforts beyond our country’s borders.“We are engaging our Southern African Development Community (SADC) partners on a regular basis through the SADC Rhino and Elephant Security Group which meets annually to discuss issues related to the safety and security of rhinos and elephants in the region.“The Rhino Management Group which consists of countries in the region is another important establishment which facilitates the implementation of the SADC Regional Rhino Strategy. We believe that working together with our counterparts in the region is the only way to collectively deal with this scourge since these marauding bandits have no respect for any political boundaries.International talks“Also as part of our international engagement programme, I am happy to announce that we are also planning a bilateral visit to Vietnam to discuss issues of concern regarding the smuggling of rhino horn and the legal export of sport hunted white rhino trophies. The Department of Environmental Affairs is also in consultation with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation on bilateral engagements with China and Japan on wildlife law enforcement, capacity building, and improved technology to aid in detection of illegally traded wildlife products.“The efforts of Lead SA, Jacaranda FM, conservation NGOs and others to highlight the problem, fundraise or raise awareness to the general public symbolised that the collaborative strength of public private partnership can overcome any challenge. We should strengthen our partnerships in addressing this scourge and other similar challenges.“I must hasten to add that it is my expectation that this summit will augment the current initiatives against rhino poaching. It should afford stakeholders an opportunity to reflect on the current interventions and harness further political and broader stakeholder commitment.“In its deliberations, the summit should consider to the following:The role of the NWCRU and the Strategy for the Safety and Security of Rhinoceros Populations in South Africa;Critical analysis and review of the current interventions that we have introduced or led;Development of new and/or complementary plans to augment current interventions;Collaboration, mobilisation and harnessing of stakeholder support against poaching;Analysis of the relationship between the rate of rhino poaching and current regulatory and strategic practices, including a moratorium on the sale of individual rhinoceros horns and any derivates or products within South Africa;Reflection on the legislative and policy imperatives informing the current practices in the management of rhino population in the country. .“I am expecting robust engagements that are constructive and useful to take us another level. We must come out of this summit with answers to the following questions:Do we need to do anything different with regards collaboration and stakeholder participation?Are the current legislative, regulatory and policy tools adequate and effective?Are the penalties for offenders matching the scale of the offence and deter the would-be offenders?Are current strategies and interventions adequate?What can be done at the sub-regional, regional and international level?Are there any gaps in our conservation and sustainable utilization models or approaches?Is there a need for adjustments of policies or not?“Basically, we need to ascertain if there are any challenges with the regulatory, strategic and operational machinery and if so what needs to be reviewed?“South Africa’s biodiversity belongs to all South Africans. Government mainly assumes the legal mandate to protect biodiversity, but protection of our rich flora and fauna for current and future generations is the business of every patriotic citizen not just government.“It is also my pleasure to announce that the interim NWCIU would as of today, officially start operating. Allow me as well to officially launch the Strategy for the Safety and Security of Rhinoceros Populations in South Africa by handing over a copy to Nosipho Ngcaba.“Ladies and gentlemen, I wish all a fruitful engagement as part of a collaborative efforts to address this challenge before it is too late.“I thank you!”Source: South African government onlinelast_img read more

first_imgiPhone & iPadTweetBot 2.0 ($2.99 — iPhone/iPad)The staff was so excited by this app at the beginning of the month that I actually had to preempt them from using it as their Staff Picks for the Apps Of The Month and take it for myself. Multiple timelines, smart gestures, native push notifications, support for Read It Later and Instapaper, custom navigation, save drafts and locations. TweetBot has it all and it has a shiny new user interface that people have come to love. Quite personally, my favorite Twitter client for iOS is the official Twitter app for the iPad but I can get behind the TweetBot excitement and the fact that the company was ballsy enough to release it for $2.99. A paid Twitter client?! Say it ain’t so. Yet, this one may be worth the money. OnLive Desktop (Free — iOS, Android)OnLive brings your PC desktop to your mobile device via instant response from the cloud. View and edit Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and sync your entire PC to your Android tablet or iPad. The iOS version came out in January but the Android version was in February so we will give it an App Of The Month nod. My sister owns a restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia and she got a new iPad for Christmas and came to me looking for cool apps to download (having the mobile writer for ReadWriteWeb as your brother is handy). About a month later she texted me out of the blue trying to find ways to sync her home desktop to her iPad so she could manage documents like schedules and invoices from her tablet while at work. At the time I pointed her to the Citrix Receiver and something from VMWare but OnLive might actually be the way to go. Staff PicksWe started Staff Picks last month and I promised that I would shame anyone on the staff that could not find an app for me in the month. I am going to hold back on the shaming this month because I did not actually give most of the staff a good amount of lead time before telling them when this month’s update was coming. So, instead of likening the staff to angry baboons (all in good fun, of course), we will just get straight to the picks. This month we got selections from John Paul Titlow, Jon Mitchell and Robyn Tippins. John Paul Titlow — WriterCamera Awesome (Free — iOS)The cameras that come built into iPhones, Android devices and Windows Phones are now capable enough to replace point-and-shoot digital cameras in most people’s lives. On top of that, we’ve seen the rise of photo-editing and sharing apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic and Camera+, all of which give new visual life to the images people snap on their phones. If you thought there wasn’t room for one more photo app, you obviously haven’t played around with Camera Awesome yet.The iOS app is really a few apps in one. Its basic picture-taking functionality blows the native iPhone camera app out of the water. Meanwhile, it has all the photo-editing features of many paid, stand-alone editing apps. On top of that, it has Instagram-style filters, textures and social sharing options.Check out here for the full review. 90º ($.099 — iPhone/iPad)I will admit it … I really suck at puzzle games. My mother used to kick my butt in Dr. Mario and Tetris on Nintendo when I was a kid and things are not much better more than 20 years later. Yet, 90º is a really neat game that is both challenging and fun so I gave it a whirl. I found out that I still suck at puzzle games. From the App Store description, “Your goal is to collect as much energy as you can whilst turning your wrench as few times as possible to get to the end. You have a limited number of rotations, so use them wisely!” Related Posts Tags:#mobile#web Game Your Video ($1.99 — iPhone/iPad 2)If you follow the tech press, you have probably seen Game Your Video on basically every tech site on the Web earlier this month. It won Best of Show at MacWorld and App of the Week in the App Store. It is a video editing app that lets you add motion effects, audio transformations, filters, themes without track-based scripts. Game Your Video will allow you to do all of this straight from the app while it is playing live with a gaming interface unique to any video editing software that we have ever seen. Definitely one of a kind and the biggest surprise is that it comes from a small studio in India that, until this month, nobody had ever heard of. Chrome for Android (Free — Ice Cream Sandwich Only)There are a lot of things to like about the Chrome Beta for Android browser. It will sync all of your Chrome browsers across devices, be a boon for HTML5 apps on Android and bring the Chrome OS closer to integration with its mobile counterpart. It is fast, can sync all of your bookmarks and has an incognito mode. There are a variety of Android browsers competing for user attention including the native browser, Opera HD and Dolphin but Chrome has the potential to come in and put them all to shame. The only problem now is that it only works on Android 4.0 which precludes about 99% of all Android users from actually getting their hands on it. Osmos HD ($2.99)Did I mention that I am terrible at puzzle games? Well, this may be an exception. Osmos HD is one of the simplest and most visually appealing puzzle games that I have come across in some time and it finally has made its way to Android. It is is like the classic Asteroids game met a stoner developer on a sandy beach looking up at the stars and was inspired by a jellyfish. You are a floating galatic mote that much is absorbs smaller lifeforms while trying to keep from getting eaten by larger entities. Float through space in this relaxing game from the developers at Hemisphere Games. Cartoon Camera (Free)There are no shortage of camera apps for iOS or Android but some of them stand above the crowd. Whether that is Instagram for iOS or Retro Camera for Android, there are some great things happening in the world of mobile photography. Cartoon Camera is a free Android app that does exactly what it sounds like: turns your photos from dreary looking real life stills into cartoon sketches worthy of any Anime or Waking Life followup. Cartoon Camera is similar to some of the effects that can be created in Camera Fun for Android but it is more polished and gives a better cartoon representation. Talking Pierre the Parrot (Free and $0.99)I have been trying to figure out why “games” like Talking Tom Cat and Pierre the Parrot are popular and have been drawing blanks. Then, I downloaded Pierre and it hit me. This is good old-fashioned fun with a parrot that lives in your Android. Talk to Pierre and he will imitate you but also remember what you said before and cobble together sentences from what he remembers. The possibilities are endless and the potential for having a dirty talking bird in your pocket has potential for pub time fun for everyone. I really just wrote that sentence. You can even record Pierre videos and upload to Facebook or YouTube or email or MMS them to people. Pierre is childish in so many ways that it actually becomes fun. Notable UpdatesIt is always important to remember to go into your device and update apps on a regular basis. Updates provide new functionality, performance and security upgrades and make sure that the bugs from the last version have been taken care of.iOS UpdatesNook by Barnes & Noble, Foursquare, Kinetik, Quora, Skype for iPad, Can I Stream It?, Atari’s Greatest Hits, The New Yorker Magazine, Newsy for iPad, StumbleUpon, WebMD for iPad, Google+, OpenTable, Spotify, IMDb Movies & TV, Hotspot Shield, Qik Video, Instagram, Discover, NFL ’11 for iPad, Wired Magazine, Opera Mini Browser, Path, Slice, Pulse, Flixster, Flipboard, Square, Words With Friends Free, HBO Go, Rdio, The Weather Channel, Skype, Twitter, Hipmunk Flight Search, NYTimes for iPad.Android UpdatesAdobe Flash Player 11, E-Trade Pro, Easy Task Killer Advanced, Facebook, Foursquare, Google Books, Google Maps, Google+, Hulu Plus, Kindle, LinkedIn, Lookout Security, Norton Mobile Utilities, Flixster, News360, NYTimes, Path, PayPal, Rdio, Skype, Swiftkey X, The Weather Channel, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, Dolphin HD Browser, Evernote, Medscape, Opera Mobile, Pandora, Paper Camera, Skitch. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Clik (Free — iOS, Android)Brought to you by the fine folks at Kik, Clik is a remote control for any screen with a browser. That may sound ambiguous and a little esoteric but it is actually pretty cool. Point your desktop browser at ClikThis.com and then scan the QR code that comes up with your smartphone to sync the two. You can then use the smartphone as a remote to surf YouTube videos. There is no extra hardware, dongles, NFC chips or any other such nonsense. Just a browser and a smartphone with a camera and you now have remote access to videos on your computer from your phone. While it is just a proof-of-concept at this point, Kik’s CEO Ted Livingstone told Anthony Ha at TechCrunch that potential partners for the app are in the works, from music services to gaming companies. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Here is Robert Scoble’s interview developer Rahul Arun Shetty:Clear ($1.99 — iPhone)Clear is a task management app that brings one of the most innovative uses of gesture based input that we have ever seen. There are no static buttons in Clear but everythingis done via a swipe, pull, pinch or tap and hold. Create and item by pulling the list apart or pulling down, swipe right to complete it, left to delete, pinch vertically to shut it or pull up to clear it. Simple and clean, one of the better task managers that we have seen. As smartphones and tablets end up in the hands of more people, the volume of apps continues to rise exponentially. We noted that January had the highest download rate of the top 200 iOS apps from the Apple App Store than any month previous. February will likely break that record and it will be broken again in March. We are truly at the inflection point of explosive growth for smartphones and apps where it is no longer the early adopters looking downloading apps but everyone and their mothers. That makes it much harder to find useful or entertaining apps. There is a sea of apps in the App Store and Android Market and growing by thousands of submissions everyday. We are here to help with our Apps Of The Month column that examines what is new in iOS and Android and where you should be looking for great new functionality on your smart device. We brought back the Staff Picks section this month and the notable updates section is in its six month.We likely missed some great apps that you found this month. If you found something that should be on this list or you want to make the world aware of, let us know in the comments. Cross-PlatformGlancee (Free — iOS, Android)Glancee helps you find people that are nearby. It recognizes other Glancee users based on proximity and gives you an alert when somebody you know or somebody interesting is in your general vicinity. I cannot figure out if this is a really cool way to make serendipitous connections or just kind of creepy and stalker-ish. Think of Glancee as kind of a location-based social network for people you may know or do not know but think you might like to know sometime. MLB At Bat ( Free with $14.99 subscription — iOS, $14.99 Android)When I was a broke and in college and living away from Boston, the MLB.com mobile site that had pitch-by-pitch tracking was my favorite (and only) way to track the Red Sox on a daily basis in real-time. I was using it through Windows Mobile on a Samsung BlackJack and, at the time, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Over the years, the coolest thing in the world has gotten cooler … if you like baseball. The MLB At Bat app gives you live pitch-by-pitch tracking of MLB games through its GameDay feature and a subscription to MLB Premium ($125 a year) will let you stream any game from anywhere, live. This is not really new from the MLB At Bat 2011 app except for the pricing and subscription models have changed for iOS. Instead of having to buy the app twice for iPhone and iPad, it is just one purchase with a subscription. The Android version is much more functional than it was last year and improvements have been made to the iOS app. I have spoken with some of the designers that created the app for MLB and it is a fairly difficult process to take video feeds, audio feeds, real-time stats and news and pull it all from their direct sources (the MLB broadcast networks) and stream it in real time to your device. So, appreciate the hard work and, if you love baseball as much as I do, this is the must-have app for 2012. NPR Music (Free — iPhone/iPad)Everybody at ReadWriteWeb loves NPR. I very rarely listen to the radio but every so often in the car I will tune into NPR in search of intellectual stimulation or good classical music. Especially on long drives. The NPR Music app brings all goodness of NPR music straight to your iPhone or iPad with streams of over 100 NPR stations, a searchable list of music across different genres and reviews and information about the artists. It is like Pandora all of a sudden got really smart. Jon Mitchell — WriterBuzz Contacts ($0.99 – iPhone) As a replacement for the built-in iPhone phone app, I’m using a new app called Buzz. It replaces the endless, alphabetical scrolling lists built into iOS with big, tappable panes for custom contacts of your choice. You can put your contacts into groups, like work, family and friends. Each group gets organized into pages of four big contacts at a time. When you add someone to a group, you choose whether you’d like phone, text, email or FaceTime to be the default mode for them. Tapping once goes straight to that mode, tapping twice lets you choose from the others. The first update added the ability to swipe up and down between groups, so now it’s even easier to find the contact you’re looking for.The app does even more, and if you’re not yet convinced to replace the phone app with it on your home screen, check out my full ReadWriteWeb review.Robyn Tippins — Community ManagerFancy Pants ($0.99 — iPad)Fancypants is a new app for iOS from Electronic Arts. It’s not a new game, however, being available on consoles and as a flash game online for almost a year. Unfortunately, the move over to iPad doesn’t really take advantage of key iOS features at all. The moves that once were done with arrow keys are now done with arrow icons. You might expect a platformer to use arrow keys, but FancyPants could be so much more. When I handed the iPad to my daughter, who often plays FancyPants online, she immediately tried to use touch to slide the character around. When that didn’t work, she tilted the machine to move him. I think it’s fairly clear that arrow keys aren’t the expected movement mechanism for an iPad game.Despite the quirks, FancyPants is a solid game and certainly worth the $.99. I’m often disappointed by an iOS game, but this one will keep us playing for months. dan rowinski AndroidAirBind (Free)Sync your iTunes to your Android over Wi-Fi. Install the PC or Mac client on your computer then launch AirBind on your Android and your device will seek out your music on your computer. There are other services like such as DoubleTwist but AirBind is a new app that does one thing and attempts to do it well. Whether it does it well or not is a matter of debate as the ratings in the Android Market are pretty split between one star and five stars. Personally, with between Google Music and my Spotify subscription on my Motorola Atrix, I do not need to sync my iTunes and the idea seems to be two years old but some people might find value in it. If you have tried it, let us know in the comments what you think of it. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

first_imgShah Rukh KhanIt was to be his grand sporting spectacle before the greatest sport of them all, elections. But it has backfired.Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal got Shah Rukh Khan to dance at the inauguration of the Kabaddi World Cup in Bathinda. But the hefty price tag, a reported,Shah Rukh KhanIt was to be his grand sporting spectacle before the greatest sport of them all, elections. But it has backfired.Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal got Shah Rukh Khan to dance at the inauguration of the Kabaddi World Cup in Bathinda. But the hefty price tag, a reported Rs 2.8 crore including the cost of a chartered flight for the star, has caused widespread anger. Sukhbir’s cousin, Manpreet Singh Badal of the Peoples’ Party of Punjab, attacked the timing of the event, launched on the day the anti-Sikh riots in 1984 began. His chief rival, Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh, also called attention to the presence of the sartorially-challenged dancers on stage.last_img read more

first_imgPosted on September 17, 2010June 20, 2017By: Pam Barnes, President, EngenderHealthClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)The MHTF is soliciting reactions from the maternal health community to the newly released UN MMR data. Our hope is that, together, these comments will serve as a springboard for discussion and provide momentum towards MDG5.Trends in Maternal Mortality, 1990 to 2008, just released by the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNFPA, and The World Bank, reports that the number of women dying globally due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth has decreased by 34%, from 546,000 in 1990 to 358,000 in 2008. This is one more piece of evidence that investments to improve maternal health are indeed paying off. It also corroborates research published in Lancet earlier this year that showed a similar, modest decline in the number of women dying from pregnancy complications.While we know that fewer women are dying, there is clearly much more work to be done. In this latest United Nations report, only 10 out of 87 countries with maternal mortality ratios equal to or over 100 in 1990 are on track to achieving Millennium Development Goal No. 5 (MDG 5) by 2015. Also, 30 countries made insufficient or no progress since 1990. (See the full report and press release for more information.)Furthermore, for every life lost due to pregnancy or childbirth complications, about 20 women suffer from maternal morbidity, including obstetric fistula. And if we are going to continue this positive downward trend, we must improve the health of mothers in places with high levels of HIV, specifically Sub-Saharan Africa, and refocus attention to address women’s holistic needs, providing high-quality family planning, obstetric, and HIV services under one roof.As we were reminded at the recent Global Maternal Health Conference 2010, which brought together nearly 700 maternal health experts, solutions exist, and we know what they are. To reduce maternal mortality and morbidity, women must have better access to:Family planning, with other related sexual and reproductive health servicesSkilled care during pregnancyEmergency obstetric careImmediate postpartum careNext week, the world’s leaders will descend on New York City for high-level events, including the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals and the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. The good news is momentum behind MDG 5 has never been higher. This is welcome news for all of us who care deeply about improving sexual and reproductive health in the world’s poorest communities. The key now is to harness this energy to ensure that our governments deliver on their commitments to ensure universal access to reproductive health and to reduce maternal mortality by 75%.Read EngenderHealth’s blog here to get the latest updates.Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

first_imgChelsea boss Lampard: Mourinho had a go after Man Utd defeatby Paul Vegas7 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea boss Frank Lampard has revealed Jose Mourinho “had a little go” at him following their opening day defeat at Manchester United.The Blues got their campaign off to a miserable start with a 4-0 defeat at Old Trafford, which marked Lampard’s first competitive game at the helm.Speaking to talkSPORT, Lampard said: “With Jose we would have texts from time to time. We had some at the start of the season around the United game where he had a little go!” Lampard, who spent a period of time working for BT Sport, accepts that it is nothing personal.”It’s all good,” he added. “I’ve sat in the punditry chair for a year so I understand the need to say things so I’m certainly not going to bang on too much. In terms of him, yeah we have a relationship.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

first_imgJuventus concerned over Aaron Ramsey strugglesby Paul Vegas6 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveJuventus management have concerns over Aaron Ramsey’s season start.The Wales international left Arsenal in the summer and moved to Turin on a free transfer.The Daily Mail says with just three starts across all competitions so far this season, Ramsey is just an added cost to the income statement and has not yet proved the value the Old Lady had hoped for.Juventus have, so far, not been satisfied with their summer investment.Since his injury as an Arsenal player away to Napoli in April in the Europa League, Ramsey has played just a handful of games. The Caerphilly-born midfielder is muscular yet fragile and at the age of 30, he finds rapid physical recovery difficult to achieve. Then there is a secondary layer to his struggles. It seems to those at the club that Ramsey has not understood the correct rhythm and demands of Italian style training. About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

first_imgMinister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley, says the aim of the Government’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is to develop the country’s energy industry and provide cheaper alternative energy sources for Jamaicans at all levels of the society.“For the first time, the energy sector will be developed in a structural way consistent with the National Energy Policy. Our Integrated Resource Plan is our blueprint that we are developing for the energy sector,” he explained.The Minister was speaking at a breakfast meeting with key stakeholders of the IRP, with the aim of sensitising them about the 20-year plan’s objectives, and partnerships being sought to achieve its goals. The meeting was held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston on October 13.The IRP is a comprehensive decision support tool and road map for meeting Jamaica’s electricity grid objectives over the next 20 years between 2018 and 2038.“As a nation that heavily depends on fossil fuels, we recognise the need for reliable sustained and affordable energy supplies going forward. Our overdependence on imported fossil fuel has not only cost us deeply over the years, in terms of foreign exchange, investments, productivity and growth, but it has also forced us to look towards cheaper energy, including renewable and alternative energy sources,” the Minister explained.Dr. Wheatley said if stakeholders at all levels keenly follow the guidelines of the IRP and work alongside the Government towards achieving the goals, this will result in the nation’s productivity being increased, cheaper goods being offered for trade and a reduction in energy costs at all levels.“Every single Jamaican is affected by the high cost of energy, [such as] entrepreneurs with good business ideas, manufacturers with export and employment potential, householders, investors [and] persons within the agribusiness sector,” the Minister said.“Today we continue to rely heavily on fuel oil, coupled with the age and inefficiency of many of the conventional power plants in Jamaica. This has resulted in high generation costs. We need some 20 million barrels of oil, and this can cost the country anywhere within the region of some US$2 billion. Our export [and] our manufacturing sector will become uncompetitive if we maintain a high energy cost,” Dr. Wheatley added.He pointed out that the Administration believes that for the country to achieve real growth, “we must provide access to cheap energy”.“We have moved aggressively to incorporate natural gas and other alternative energy sources. However, there is definitely more that needs to be done. It is within this context that the Integrated Resource Plan is being developed as a critical tool for assessing our future energy demands and providing options for meeting the Government’s policy objectives,” the Minister said.“The IRP will provide to all stakeholders, including the investment community, a clear view of the agreed suite of investments for the medium to long term. It will certainly add a level of predictability as to the planned investments for Jamaica’s electricity sector, timelines for the completion of each, and a clear methodology for participation,” he noted.Dr. Wheatley is urging all Jamaicans to find interest in the IRP and play their role in ensuring the goals are achieved by 2038.last_img read more

Bengals2013313rd (tied)52610th (tied)3 2018 Blake Bortles compared with his career average prior to this season Cardinals2015332nd6284th (tied)3 Jaguars2017332nd7529th (tied)1 Cardinals2010308th101926th0 QBR48.245.5 Yards per pass play6.415.98 Chiefs2013362nd71430th (tied)1 Source: Pro-Football-Reference.com yearFOllowing year There’s no denying that Bortles and the offense are a problem. But this was perfectly predictable. This year, Bortles is playing exactly like you would have expected. His QBR and passer rating are similar to his career rates, and his yards per dropbacks metric is actually significantly better.Bortles has led his team to only 34 points in four losses, though all of those came without bell-cow running back and 2017 fourth-overall pick Leonard Fournette in action. While the Jaguars have averaged 4.3 yards per rush this year, the same rate as in 2017, it could reasonably be argued that defenses no longer need to focus as much on stopping the run, making the sledding more difficult for Bortles and the passing game.But more importantly, last season the Jaguars could count on getting some offense from their defense. They had a league-high seven return touchdowns on picks and fumbles in 2017. But this year, they have had only one — and none in the games they lost. And their defense is not even setting up their offense with good field position via the turnover, as they had just two takeaways in the four defeats after finishing second in the league last year by averaging more than two per game. Texans2014342nd52512th (tied)3 Packers2011381st (tied)52318th (tied)2 Patriots2010382nd5343rd3 DefenseYearTake-awaysLeague RankDef. TDsTake-awaysLeague RankDef. TDs Bills2011309th62123th (tied)1 2018Career Lions2011343rd (tied)71727th0 Cardinals2013306th (tied)52514th (tied)4 Make no mistake, the Jaguars defense overall is still very good — second in yards allowed and second in yards allowed per pass play. It’s just not supplementing an offense that needs supplementing. So now the Jaguars attack isn’t Bortles-plus — it’s just Bortles. And completely unsurprisingly, “just Bortles” is not a recipe for NFL success.NFL teams this decade that had at least 30 turnovers and at least five defensive touchdowns generally badly regressed — from an average league rank of 3.5 in turnovers to 13.5. But the Jaguars thus far have gone from second to a tie for 29th. So now a team that appeared poised to return to the postseason after reaching the AFC Championship is on life support.Head coach Doug Marrone seemed to concede after Sunday’s game that Bortles wasn’t really to blame for the team’s woes, but he had to do something.“I just literally did it to try to get a damn spark from this football team, to put everyone on notice that they have to focus, and they have to go out there and play better,” he told reporters. “That’s not fair to the quarterback, but that’s the way this business is. … The one thing you do with that position, doesn’t matter the name, doesn’t matter who it is: When you make a move to get a spark, everyone goes on notice. Everyone.”But the spark Marrone was trying to get isn’t really the spark that the Jaguars need. It’s some turnovers.There’s a chicken and egg issue here though. Turnovers are easier to come by when you have the lead. In 2017, the Jaguars forced 41 sacks and 13 picks in 372 pass plays while they were leading — when the opposing offense was more reckless and pass-happy.Those 372 plays were 63 percent of all opponent dropbacks last year and led to 62 percent of the Jags’ picks and 75 percent of their sacks. This year, opponents are throwing only 44 percent of their passes while trailing — and those plays accounted for just 47 percent of their sacks and 33 percent of their picks.So the way for the Jaguars to function better as a team is for someone on either side of the ball to make a play early and give Jacksonville a lead. They’ll get a chance Sunday in London against another team that’s learning that success in the NFL is far from stable, the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, who are also just 3-4. But if the Jags can’t turn it around, the temperature in their locker room might never go down.Check out our latest NFL predictions. 49ers2013306th (tied)5294th (tied)3 Bears2012441st92813th (tied)6 Bears2011315th (tied)5441st9 Patriots2012412nd52910th (tied)3 Sources: Pro-Football-Reference.com, ESPN Stats & Information Chiefs2016331st5267th (tied)3 The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Super Bowl dreams are turning into a nightmare. And the obvious culprit is quarterback Blake Bortles, who was benched early in the second half of Sunday’s 20-7 loss to the Houston Texans — the team’s third-straight defeat.A civil war appeared to erupt after the game in the locker room, which beat writer Daniel Popper of The Athletic described as having “surpassed 212 degrees Fahrenheit.”“The Jaguars are sinking helplessly into the burning cauldron with no lifeline in sight,” Popper wrote on Twitter.The defensive players were yelling the loudest, so the narrative is that the finger-pointing is at Bortles and the club’s offense. But those fingers may be pointing the wrong way: The real reason for the team’s struggles is that its super-human defense is not merely regressing as expected in forcing turnovers and converting them into touchdowns — it’s collapsing. Passer rating80.380.8 Jacksonville’s defense regressed even more than expectedNFL teams from 2010 to 2016 that had at least 30 takeaways and five defensive touchdowns with how they fared the following year, along with the 2017-2018 Jacksonville Jaguars read more

first_imgFormer Real Madrid striker Fernando Morientes feels that Mariano Diaz was a necessary addition to the squad following Cristiano Ronaldo’s exitThe Spanish striker was resigned by Los Blancos last week from Ligue 1 side Lyon in a €23M deal on a five-year contract.Mariano has big boots to fill at the Santiago Bernabeu after being given the number 7 shirt previously worn by Ronaldo.And Morientes, who himself scored 91 goals in 242 games for Real, feels that Mariano was a necessary signing for new coach Julen Lopetegui.“Mariano is a traditional 9, finisher, the player that Real Madrid needed,” he said on AS.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.“He is very complete and very good, he’s going to have minutes. Benzema is a ’10’ who moves in the middle, but Madrid didn’t have the type of pure central striker that can reminds me of my time. He is the player in the area that doesn’t forgive.”Morientes, who played for Ligue 1 giants AS Monaco and Olympique Marseille, feels that it’s wrong to try to devalue Mariano for playing in France.“They say that he played in the French league trying to detract him his value, but the French league is where the young players are being developed in Europe,” he said.The 42-year-old also backed fellow Spaniard Isco to become a leader in the middle of the Real midfield.last_img read more

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